Biden’s Medicare for All! New Mexico Hospitals Ration COVID-19 Care

New Mexico hospitals are absolutely under siege right now. They are all operating at or near their maximum capacities. Now that these hospitals are running low on space, the situation is getting rather dire. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has made an announcement that reflects the times we are living in.

Eventually, these hospitals are going to be forced to ration their care. According to the governor, “crisis standards of care” will be enacted. In other words, these hospitals are going to be rationing the care that they have to offer their patients. The patient’s likelihood for survival will be assessed and the hospitals will go from there.

The stories that we have heard about socialized medicine in other countries are now taking place in America. This should terrify any red-blooded patriot. Patients in these countries are often forced to wait long periods of time for relatively simple procedures. If the patient is deemed to be too high of a risk for survival, they are denied the procedure.

These are the things that the liberals do not tell you when they tout the virtues of these countries. The majority of the folks who are in need of serious care after being exposed to COVID-19 happen to be elderly. By this logic, many of them are going to be denied the care that they need because they are deemed high risk.

What about patients who are overweight and/or diabetic? What about patients who are people of color and thus more likely to experience complications? Once a state like New Mexico makes these types of distinctions, the slope becomes very slippery. Despite the draconian measures that are being taken, New Mexico is still experiencing a major spike in cases.

Grisham has been shutting down grocery stores and various businesses for some time now. She even shut down shops during the Thanksgiving rush, in hopes of stopping the spread of the virus. Grisham also issued a public health order. If a business experiences four or more cases of COVID-19 within a two week period, they are ordered to close their doors for at least two weeks.

This includes even the most essential businesses. The public health experts love what the governor is doing but we are not so sure. Human Services Department Secretary David Scrase recently had a press conference with the governor and his concerns seem to be focused on the health care workers themselves.

“Every death is a tragedy,” he says. “But when we lose a health care worker, we lose the opportunity to care for hundreds of other New Mexicans.” The crisis has reached the point where rural hospitals are calling their larger counterparts to see if they have any beds available. In some instances, these patients are placed on a waiting list.

Jason Mitchell, Presbyterian Health Care Services’ chief medical care officer, says that all nine of his hospitals are currently operating at 110 percent capacity. In his mind, the rationing of care is a worst-case scenario. “Hopefully it does not come to that,” he says. Boise, Idaho hospitals are also looking to address their current situation, as they are currently running out of space as well.

Doctors are starting to grow frustrated with the current state of affairs. Residents are being urged to stay home, keep their masks on if they have to go out in public, and wash their hands. “This is a totally preventable disease, and it’s dumbfounding we’re in this situation that we’re talking about limiting our ability to deliver care to patients that need us,” says Dr. Nemerson, who is one of the many frustrated physicians.

The Central District Health Board of Health is also in the process of issuing a new public health order. Protestors showed up at the building to protest the proposed order. They were not wearing masks. No arrests were made, even though the protesters were in direct violation of current rules. This situation is sure to get worse before it gets better.