Biden’s Shocking Live Admission to Reporters Has Confirms Conservatives Biggest Fear About DNC

President Joe Biden confirmed the fears of many Americans during a recent press conference where he seemed to indicate that he’s not the real head of his administration.

Seem a little far-fetched? Too much information to be real? Well stay tuned, because I believe by the end, you’ll agree with me: Biden has someone, in some way, pulling the strings and they’re telling him exactly what to do.

The report of this incident comes to us from our friends at The Daily Wire. According to their article, Biden only took a scant few questions after Tuesday afternoon’s press conference where he offered a short statement about his administration’s progress on the COVID-19 pandemic:

“And as much as the temptation is to stay outdoors on this beautiful day, I’ve got more work to do,” Biden said near the end of his prepared statements. “Thank you all very, very much. Bye-bye.”

However, reporters had other ideas. He was stopped with questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin, new pandemic guidelines, and the devastating COVID-19 outbreak in India.

“You chose to wear a mask as you walked out here,” a reporter said. “What message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone?”

“By watching me take it off and not put it back on until I get inside,” Biden responded, oddly.


“If the risk is so low outdoors, why doesn’t this new guidance apply to everybody?” a reporter questioned.

“Because the science indicates that this is the most certain way to make sure it doesn’t spread: if both people have been vaccinated — the people you’re with — and you’re outside.”

The commander-in-chief was then questioned about what, if any preconditions before meeting with Vladimir Putin, to which he responded, “I’ll discuss that all another day. Thank you.

The president almost made a clean getaway, until one question piqued his interest:

“Sir, India — India needs medicine. India needs AstraZeneca. Sir, will you make it faster to get — for them to get the vaccine — the vaccines we will get soon?” one reporter asked.

“You said India?” Biden said, putting a halt to his retreat.

“India.” the reporter confirmed. “They’re suffering at this moment. What do you say to the folks in India?”

“Look, I’m sorry. I’m going to — this is the last question I’ll take, and I’ve ha- — I’m really going to be in trouble.

“With regard to India, I spoke at length with Modi, the Prime Minister. We are sending immediately a whole series of help that he needs, including providing for those — remdesivir and other drugs that are able to deal with this and prevent, in some cases, but recover — help recovery.

“Secondly, we are sending the actual mechanical parts that are needed for the machinery they have to build a vaccine. And that’s being done as well.

“We’re also discussing — I’ve discussed with him when we’ll be able to send actual vaccines to India, which would be my intention to do. The problem is, right now, we have to make sure we have other vaccines, like Novavax and others, coming on, probably. And I think we’ll be in a position to be able to share — to share vaccines, as well as know-how, with other countries who are in real need.”

The president wrapped it up by saying that “at the very beginning, India helped us.”

And just like that, the press conference was over, and our aging president was once again engulfed by a sea of aides, staffers, assistants, administration officials, able to once again hide behind the bluster of activity and whisper in his ears.

Did you catch the admission? It was right after he declined to talk about Putin (which is a whole other article) and right before he realized someone was asking him about India:

“ I’m going to — this is the last question I’ll take, and I’ve ha- — I’m really going to be in trouble.” That’s what Biden said.

In trouble with whom?!?! Who does the leader of the free world have to get in trouble with if he answers reporters’ questions? Possibly the people who put him in office? Those who have to clean up after his numerous and massive gaffes??

These are the questions that the American people want to be answered. They’re probably also the questions that we won’t get an answer to until it’s too late to intervene.