Biden’s Thanksgiving Mandates are Stuffed with BS

Joe Biden is preparing for the Thanksgiving season by pretending as though he’s already the President of the United States. He’s got a long list of Thanksgiving mandates that will give everyone a good laugh.

Biden decided to take the dictator-like approach that Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer have taken when it comes to ruling. He says that the only acceptable way to have Thanksgiving is by wearing masks, staying socially distanced, and testing negative on the day before. Oh, and to keep it to no more than five or ten people.

So, a negative COVID test the day before is one of Biden’s mandates in order to have a healthy Thanksgiving. Ummm, maybe that works by him up in Delaware but it’s not the standard across America. Most people wait at least a week for results – and even then, it’s not accurate because a person could have been exposed while waiting for those results.

And, which is it? 5 people or 10 people? That’s quite a difference – and it’s different than what some of the many states are saying.

Biden isn’t the president, yet he’s making demands as if he’s already assumed the position. He’s told the press on countless occasions that more people are going to die if Trump doesn’t facilitate a faster transition. No matter how fast the transition occurs, Biden isn’t granted power until Inauguration Day. How does he not know this yet?

Here are a few questions…What happened to the herd mentality? What happened to being able to socialize within pods?

Months ago, we were told that it’s okay for us to form “pods” that extend beyond our own household. These included people we knew were being extra safe as well. So, if we’re all celebrating with people who are in safe pods, what’s the problem?

No one is planning on having an indoor super-spreader event for Thanksgiving (except for maybe Nancy Pelosi). Instead, we just want our nearest and dearest family and friends to sit with us at the dining room table. Clearly, Biden is feeling a bit claustrophobic in that basement of his.

No one wants to see the numbers rise, but we also don’t want to be told that we have to stop living our lives. Thanksgiving is about family. It’s about breaking bread with those we love. And if we can do that safely within trusted pods of households, we should be able to do so.

It’s happening behind closed doors. Joe Biden isn’t understanding that there’s no way to guarantee that anyone listens to him.

Biden may want to have a sit-down with Henry McMaster, the governor of South Carolina. If anyone can get through to Biden, perhaps it’s McMaster. The SC governor has stated that he’s not going to issue any kind of mask mandate because it’s not enforceable.

Imagine the kind of manpower it would take to determine if people are wearing masks everywhere they should be – in front of businesses, throughout grocery stores, and beyond. It’s not just about people owning a mask and wearing it as they enter a building – it’s also about wearing it correctly and wearing it for the entire time of being in a building.

Biden can make all the demands that he wants. The problem is that none of it is enforceable. People will do what they want at the dinner table. They’ll hug and kiss and forget all about the social distancing rules. And masks? Those will be left in cars because people are indoors and among friends.

This is going to be a long four years if we have to keep stopping Biden to explain why his ideas aren’t going to work. And, until he actually makes it to Inauguration Day, his mandates can be kept to himself since he has absolutely no authority to tell Americans what to do – at Thanksgiving, at Christmas, or even at New Years’. If he’s got ideas for Valentine’s Day, maybe we’ll listen then…and that’s still a big maybe.