Big Mouth Democrat Admits That His Hero Is a Socialist Dictator

lev radin /
lev radin /

The Democrats cannot seem to keep their big mouths shut about the truth behind their wicked ways. For many years, it has been speculated that the communists were influencing or in deep within the Democratic Party. And now that Hakeem Jeffries has opened up and revealed who his childhood hero was, everything about the liberal movement has been revealed.

Jeffries is the chairman of the Democratic House Caucus. He started a speech talking about all of the liberals’ things to the Republicans to force them to agree on their version of the voting bills. He sent on and on about how the conservatives are horrible people for not wanting to cement into law ways that the Democrats can commit fraud.

The nasty liberal was also trying to mention people in history who have positively impacted civil rights. And before anyone could fathom what the man was talking about, he stated that the dictator Hugo Chavez was a person that made an outstanding contribution to the movement. It was, then, that the nasty man blurted out Cesar Chavez and tried to correct himself.

Whenever a liberal makes that proclamation, something deep within their heart usually puts truth behind the original statement. Hugo Chavez was a terrible and murderous socialist leader and would be the perfect icon for the progressive party brewing within the Democratic Party.

Jeffries wanted to lay the guilt trip on the Republicans and make them out to be a racist organization. He stated, “I think it’s important to remember, as Dr. King just reminded us, as we reflected upon his life and his legacy a few days ago, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ What Dr. King was saying to us is that in this world there are some good folks; there’s some rough folks. For the good folks to be able to prevail you gotta be willing to continue to stand up, step up, speak up, show up. And things aren’t necessarily going to happen instantaneously. It didn’t for Dr. King; it didn’t for Rosa Parks. It didn’t Fannie Lou Hamer or John Lewis or A. Philip Randolph or Roy Wilkins or Adam Clayton Powell Jr. or Shirley Chisholm.”

The one thing he did not mention was that those people that stood for civil rights would never have tried to turn things around on lighter people of color and reverse discriminate the way Jeffries and his party like to do. The perfect example of this silent attack is found within school. Students are told to look at their skin and think of ways to force the white-skinned folks to serve them. And the white kids are told that they should be ashamed of their skin color.

The struggles and fights of the actual civil rights movement have nothing to do with what the liberals are trying to do today. The sacrifice he mentions is not descriptive of the Democratic Party since they like to use and abuse people to get what they want most: power.

The vast majority of people do not segregate how the media and the liberals portray the matter on the news. People hold doors for each other and even give up their seats on the bus regardless of the color of their skin. Many people commonly thought and practiced that if the Democrats stopped filling people’s heads with racial ideology, the issue would dry up overnight.

Joe Biden and his racist regime need to keep pushing severe issues to make their case for more government control. The pandemic is slowly exiting the scene, so they need to find a problem to push on people. And what better issue to use than the matter of civil rights to keep on hiding their loyalties to socialism and Hugo Chavez.

The sadistic betrayal of the Democrats towards America is offensive and should cause concern. The longer the party is in power, the worse things will get.