Big Tech Beat Down Under Way in Florida as Desantis Puts Them to Shame

Big tech has finally met their match as they continue to try to bully people into posting things that only match up with what they approve for posting. These monsters have taken to censorship to limit the free speech of conservatives across the country. But Ron DeSantis is putting them in their place as they stop them from robbing people of the right to share and post things on social media platforms.

Florida will be the first state in the Union to take the much-needed steps at limiting the power that these companies seem to have. DeSantis will sign the bill that will effectively punish any company that tries to censor politicians.

One report rightly noted that the “bill, passed by the GOP-dominated state Legislature Thursday and awaiting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ signature, would make it a crime to remove state political candidates from Twitter and Facebook, and would mete out penalties of $250,000 a day for any statewide candidate who is de-platformed.”

During the 2020 election, the big tech companies silenced conservatives all over the country. They kept them from sharing information about candidates, which would lead to the mass exodus of the user to more friendly platforms. Big tech then targeted those platforms and shut them down.

The bill also states that local candidates will cost the companies $25,000 per day. The bill will also require the user a week’s notice before they can be banned in order to allow them enough time to correct the violation.

John Snyder is a Republican, mentioned that the bill is going to be “sending a loud message to Silicon Valley that they are not the absolute arbiters of truth.” He wants these people to know that the Constitution does not give provisions and exemptions to them to treat people like prisoners.

Like every good thing coming out of Florida, the bill has caught the attention of the liberal left. Anthony L. Fisher is one that believes all Republicans are demon-possessed. He went on a hateful march against conservatives and DeSantis by claiming, “But contrary to his contrived pose as a free speech defender, the governor and his party are in reality expanding governmental authority over political speech, free association, and the free market. To put it another way, the possible heir to Trump’s MAGA throne is using big government censorship on liberals and heavy regulation on businesses to supposedly ‘protect’ conservatives’ freedoms.”

He really thinks that conservatives that support Trump and DeSantis are the devil incarnate. His words are actually descriptive of how the Democrats act and treat people. He takes the bill entirely out of context.

The much-desired bill will not permit people to post things that violate big tech rules. It would keep them from purposely silencing people because of how they align politically. It was painfully obvious that people were being kicked off the platforms because they were Trump supporters.

The liberal social media platforms have gone off the deep end as they censor conservative groups and people. They took their governmental protections and dived head-long into publishers mentality. They think that they can erase what people have been able to say for years freely. And it all started when Biden started to run for president.

Big tech took cheap shots at Parler when the conservative base started to migrate to their platform. And when enough of the base had made a move, they shutdown Parler in a hostile murder of business. It was their moment to shut up millions of conservatives.

Big tech has the ability to sway public opinion. They can threaten to silence their voices while at the same time indoctrinate user minds with false stories. The abuse of power that is flowing from their golden thrones is why DeSantis is shutting them down.

Florida is standing in the gap and leading the way for other states to follow. Big tech is going to pay big for their crimes. They may be able to lie to Congress and hide behind certain protections, but when their wallet is lighter because of their sins, they will take a moment to reflect on how they can change.