Bipartisan Activity on Guns is Happening Right Now

Andy Dean Photography /

The shooting in Uvalde led many on the left to shout that we need stronger gun control. Those on the right are quick to state that gun control would not have prevented the tragedy.

There’s obviously some middle-ground so that we can prevent mass shootings from plaguing yet another community.

Now, it seems that there’s bipartisan support for guns so that we can heal as a country and move forward…

We’ve already seen the protesters outside of the NRA convention in Houston. There’s a divide – but there is the possibility to get some work done.

Chris Murphy (D-CT) recently told Margaret Brennan of “Face the Nation,” that “I do think there’s an opportunity right now to be able to pass something significant. I’ve seen more Republican interest in coming to the table and talking this time than at any other moment since Sandy Hook.”

Senator Murphy is currently in the process of leading a bipartisan group to discuss proposals that include everything from red flag laws to expanded background checks.

Red flag laws are perhaps where the GOP is more likely to budge. This would involve courts being allowed to temporarily seize firearms from individuals if they have been deemed a risk.

Some Republicans are speaking out of turn, however. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is a known RINO who is out there saying that raising the age of a gun purchase to 21 is a “no brainer.” The problem is that it’s not – if an 18-year-old can enroll in the U.S. military and fight for their country (while holding a gun), they should be able to purchase one legally for sport, too.

Several states are already pledging to have tougher gun laws – New York, New Jersey, and California.

There’s still the question – will tougher gun laws prevent criminals from committing acts of violence?

Most Republicans believe the answer is no. Why? Criminals don’t care about the law.

Asa Hutchinson, the Republican governor of Arkansas, has also discussed convening a bipartisan group of governors to discuss a healthy next step for the country. Hutchinson takes a different approach than many of the Democrats by saying that the emphasis should be on school safety rather than guns.

He makes the argument that “AR-15s were around for 40 years before they were ever used in any type of mass killing or attack it is about identifying the culprits and going after them.”

The Senate and the House are both working on their own packages of gun legislation. While the Senate is still negotiating the various ways to achieve school security while still allowing Americans to have their gun rights, the House is rushing, as usual. In fact, the House may be ready to vote on a red-flag bill as early as the end of this week.

There are a lot of gray areas that have to be flushed out. Republicans want to make sure that people have their second amendment rights. Democrats are so blinded by violence that they’re ready to strip everyone of the right to own guns.

Guns aren’t just used to kill people. They’re used for sports. They’re used for self-defense. They’re used for hunting.

Criminals kill people. We have to focus on criminal behavior as opposed to the tool in which they’re doing the killing. Otherwise, the violence will continue.

Unless the Democrats can accept that there’s someone behind the gun pulling the trigger, bipartisan efforts to pass something that everyone can be happy with will be dead in the water – as they have been in the past.