Black Voters Seem to Abandon Democratic Party in Favor of Trump

On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity had a couple of the nation’s top pollsters on his show to discuss the upcoming election. Insider Advantage’s Matt Towery and Robert Calahy of the Trafalgar Group stopped by.

According to these men, Trump currently has the highest numbers among the black community. He’s outpacing Joe “you ain’t black!” Biden with ease.

“We are seeing African Americans at 14-15% in these polls… Now I have been doing this for a long time as a candidate, as a pollster, as a columnist and I have never seen a Republican with 15% of the African American vote or thereabouts this close to an election — Ever! In the entire time, I’ve polled. Now it could melt down a little bit but it could also melt-up!” says Towery.

These men both see a great deal of potential for President Trump. The numbers are not nearly as dire as the Democrats want everyone to think that they are. Let’s face it, though.

It’s in their best interest to make the other side think that they should stay home this year. The COVID-19 pandemic is also ensuring a wider level of panic.

That’s what they are banking on at the moment. Their voters have been told that there is no need to go outside. Everyone’s already sent in their mail-in ballots.

However, conservative voters are not falling into this trap. They actually want their votes to matter. Trump’s polling numbers are only going to surge as we get closer and closer to the big day.

Of course, we also anticipate having to wait a long while before we are actually told who has won. The mainstream media narrative has always seemed centered around the idea of a Joe Biden blowout that lets them all go to sleep early on the big night.

That’s probably a pipe dream at the moment. Trump is not going to lose in a decisive enough manner for them to receive an early decision.

Perhaps the black voters who are stepping up for Trump are just the “shy” Trump voters that the mainstream media has been telling us about. We have yet to meet a shy Trump voter yet but hey, maybe they know what they are talking about. Maybe they are afraid of a bunch of white liberals telling them that they are not black enough.

All jokes aside, these poll numbers should be concerning to any leftist who has been acting like the election is already over. The pieces that they have written about Biden’s imminent landslide victory are going to be awfully dated at this point.

If we were them, we would have waited until the election was over before we started planning out the next four years in the White House.

It’s also possible that there are plenty of black Americans who are tired of seeing the violence in the streets. The same liberals who love to act as if they are aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement never take the time to speak to anyone outside of their echo chamber. Maybe they would prefer a president who is ready to do something about the leftists who are running amok.

When you assume that one group is on your side in full without doing any of the legwork, this leads to polling questions like this one.

The Democrats believed that they had this thing all sewn up but now they are going to have to head back to the drawing board. Old Sleepy Joe Biden may even have to leave the basement and do some more campaigning.

He called an early lid a few days ago and seems content to wait this whole process out. It may turn out to be a huge mistake, judging from the progress that President Trump has made in the polls that are currently being discussed. The nation could be experiencing a red wave by the time this is all said and done.