Blind as a Bat! Bill De Blasio Blames COVID-19 for New York City Crime Surge

Democrats everywhere are suffering from a saddened state of existence. Everywhere a Democrat is in power, there are major issues within the cities. Crime and violence are way out of control and the innocent, law-abiding people are the victims.

Places like Portland, Chicago, and New York are seeing massive amounts of trouble because the liberal leaders have been bitten by the stupidity bat, so they see a different reason as to why the cities are so bad.

Many liberal leaders blame the rise in crime on such things as COVID-19 or they claim that it is just a fluke. But every single city that is out of control has defunded police, made themselves sanctuary cities or supported the Black Lives Matter terrorism. The mayors and governors of these regions have also refused to accept any help from outside sources such as President Trump or other law enforcement agencies.

The worst of the areas are found in New York City. Here illegal criminals are welcomed with arms opened wide while tax-paying American loving people are ostracized and tortured with ridiculous nonsense. Mayor Bill de Blasio is the reason why New York City has tons of crime sweeping through the streets. In his mind, however, he blames the surge of crime on the coronavirus.

The pandemic sent everything normal into a state of unrest. No one knew what to expect from one day to the next as the virus took hold. De Blasio and other nasty Democrats locked down things so tight that no one dared to sneeze lest a plastic bag be put over their head for containment. As the virus made its way out, de Blasio could not leave well enough alone and demanded to extend the city-wide lockdowns. But he could not justify the action.

But that is not when crime started to surge. The Democrats needed something else to disrupt the coming election with, so they got behind Black Lives Matter and supported their chaotic rampage through the country. The liberal mayors support them, and the crime surged. And may history never forget that de Blasio turned New York into a haven for illegal criminals which were causing crime to go up before the pandemic.

De Blasio lied to the public when he stated “In New York City, we’ve been the safest big city in America for years. We’ve had a very tough two months — no doubt — and it is directly related to the coronavirus — the dislocation it’s caused, the fact that our court system is not functioning yet, so many factors.” The city stopped being one of the safest places the day illegals moved in.

De Blasio took it upon himself to also defund the police nearly a billion dollars which have to have something to do with the surge in crime since there is no police left to protect the city. Just in June alone there was 130 percent in gun-related violence and a 30 percent increase in murders. Finally, the criminals are saying that they can do what they want without repercussions.

The Fourth of July weekend saw 64 shootings and 10 deaths. It is not just adults that are being killed as a one-year-old who died in a drive-by shooting. This surge in crime has nothing to with the highly Democratic pushed virus.

It is fueled by the defunding of the police, sanctuary city status, and de Blasio’s support of criminals instead of law and order. Dermot Shea, who is the NYPD Police Commissioner, is highly concerned and has stated that “The sharp increase in shootings and violence in New York puts innocent people at risk and tears at the fabric of life in our city.”

Bat Bitten de Blasio has even threatened to take law enforcement to court if any federal officers step in to help stop the violence. He complains about the crime but refuses help from the federal level.

He stated that “If one of these federal officers steps foot in New York City with the intention of denying the First Amendment rights of New Yorkers we will be in court immediately and we will win.”

At some point, he will lose that option. If federal officers show up to restore peace and order, there will be nothing that he can do about it.