BLM Says They Aim to Burn America Completely to the Ground, Start Over

The Black Lives Matter Group is not going to stop until they either have all of their demands given to them or they destroy America. The group has changed what it’s about since it first formed a few years back.

What was once a group formed to defend life has changed into nothing more than a platform for a few self-appointed leaders to get what they want at the expense of everyone else. Violence is now the trademark of Black Lives Matter. Murder is now possible as they move into areas that they want to loot and destroy.

Hawk Newsome is a self-proclaimed president within Black Lives Matter. The corruption and greed shine clear the more the man opens his mouth. The direction that the group is taking is not about saving lives at all. But more about replacing the existing form of government with another.

In this case, BLM would like to a form of government that caters to their needs and fashions itself to take from everyone and give it to the few who lead. His form of government is socialism. Just like the Democrats are trying to push on all the people.

Martha MacCallum had the chance to talk with the Hawk Newsome. And some of his statements should be considered treason as he talks about killing people and removing leaders using violent means.

MacCallum wanted to dig into the heart of BLM and find out where the current temperament was, so she asked, “What exactly is it that you hope to achieve through violence?” Her question cuts right to Newsome’s heart. BLM has definitely turned violent.

His response has no reasoning behind it as he stated that America was founded on violence. He sees the United States as a global dictator trying to impose its capitalist genre on everyone else. He likened the American Revolution to what his pathetic group is trying to do now.

BLM murders people that question their motives. They would rather turn to violence than debate their cause. He stated that “We go in and we blow up countries and we replace their leaders with leaders who we like. So for any American to accuse us of being violent is extremely hypocritical.”

There is a major difference between preventing war and starting one. His words border on meaning that they want to blow up the current leadership of America and replace it with a fascist form of his own.

The only reason he hates America is that he is lazy and does not want to work for his dreams. He believes that they should just be handed to him because in some way he thinks he is oppressed and still in slavery.

MacCallum had formed he question off of statements that Newsome had mouthed off in the past. He went to say “I said, if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking … figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation.”

His words are not figurative at all. The BLM is acting like a spoiled 4-year-old that is throwing a tantrum at the store. He is holding his breath until mommy gives him the sucker he demanded from her.

He wants to compare what happened in the 1960s with what people are going through today. There is no equal comparison. African Americans in the 1960s had good reason to demand equality. Because there really was a true form of inequality running in the country. But now that is all changed.

People are equally able to have any job and work their way up in the financial world. The issue with Newsome is that he and the rest of his murderous gang are too lazy to work at all. They would rather take it from others by force.

Newsome clears his conscience of the murders by claiming that he does not condemn violence or condones it. To a leader of a group that is known for violence is to condone it 100 percent.

Newsome thinks that he can play the fence, but in reality, he cannot. When it comes time to answer for the murders, he will be the first detained.