Bolton and His Book are Under Investigation for Stealing Secrets

John Bolton just cannot keep himself out of trouble with the Justice Department. The former National Security Advisor and hater of President Trump is under investigation for what appears to be a leakage of classified material in a book he recently published.

His book goes into detail about the time he spent in the White House and other matters that have been deemed classified. He is not allowed to talk about any of the things that he saw or heard while working in that position.

Bolton’s publisher and book agent have been subpoenaed to release any communications they have had with blushing Bolton. Simon & Schuster and Javelin are being told to turn the documents over to the federal government. This is not something that Bolton can take lightly. His freedom and future are on the line.

Bolton hates the president. There is no doubt that he did not get along with the president or think very highly of his policies or how he did things. At times he was the only one in the room that would stand against what the president was trying to do on specific issues.

Bolton accuses the president of using the office of the president for his political gain. This is the premise of his book. The people of the country elected President Trump. He has no political agenda as he is not a politician seeking a better office. He is simply a businessman that ran for the presidency because he was tired of seeing the country being hurt by Democrats.

To accuse President Trump of such things is to miss the message the nation’s people sent to Washington about the type of people they want representing their country. Bolton has also written about his thoughts over how the president treats other world leaders.

In his mind, the president should cater to the lying leaders. But the president only puts America first. The president does not represent the world; he leads America.

The Department of Justice took Bolton to court and tried to stop its publication. But the nasty liberals found their political pushing judge that was willing to let the crooked man write his book.

Once the book was published, it became clear that Bolton had a vengeful spirit within him as he tries to smear the president. The man sounds like a hateful Democrat that has attempted to unseat the president for the past four years.

Bolton is quick to dispute any accusations against him. But his actions tell another story. While the White House National Security Council was looking into the book to see if it violated any classified material, Bolton permitted Simon & Schuster to print the book. He did this without the approval of the security council.

Bolton’s book is a publication of madness over losing his position in the White House. For the president to fire him, there would have had to be some serious issues. Bolton was not a team player. He was a man that was bought out by the Democrats. His was their plant to spy on the president and gather information about what the president was doing.

Bolton used his book to try and get revenge against a successful and influential president. He was emotionally upset about losing his position in the White House. The president hired him in 2018 to take on the issues coming from Iran and North Korea. But his weaknesses and refusal to support the Commander in Chief would be his downfall. Bolton refused to do the job that he was hired to do, so he was fired.

President Trump has spoken out against Bolton and his book. He claims that it reveals classified information that should have never been released to the public. The president is not one to speak out against things unless there is evidence to support his accusations.

He is careful to not accuse people of wrongdoing unless there is proof to the contrary. He has no political agenda or position that he seeks. All the president wants to do is make American lives better for all people. He is the people’s president.