Breaking! Secret Service Fixer for Hunter Biden Identified

Joe Biden has spent the last 47 years in the world of politics. Now, he has risen to the top of the Democratic party. While the Democrats would like to get on with the business of officially allowing him to become president, there are roadblocks that have been placed in the Biden family’s path. The entire family has been placed in a very embarrassing position by the information that was recently unearthed.

Now that their corruption is coming to light, many of the issues that are taking place involve Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. His personal PornHub account was found. He is said to have sent pictures of his sexual activity to other members of the Biden family. Biden and his son have also been engaged in illicit dealings with various foreign powers.

The Biden family was placed in blackmail situations because of Hunter’s behavior but Joe never seemed interested in putting a stop to it. Hunter’s actions were not limited to consenting adults either. This man violated minors and does not see anything wrong with his behavior. The whole family covered it up for him, though.

The same Joe Biden who says that he will be a president for all Americans cannot even bring himself to punish his son for being a crack-smoking sexual deviant. How can anyone possibly trust him to take care of all of the real problems that this nation has when he cannot even seem to manage to take care of home.

Biden’s family was not able to cover up all of the wrongdoings on their own. They needed a sizable amount of help to keep all of Hunter’s skeletons in the closet for all of this time. That’s what makes this write up from the Illustrated Primer such an important one. Yaacov Apelbaum has the scoop and it is major.

“But it turns out that just like in the case of Carlos the Jackal, Hunter’s magic ability to walk through walls can be attributed to an all-powerful fixer and enabler service. The composite below may help demystify the question of how he managed to get away with it for years with what would have otherwise landed anyone else a life in federal prison without parole sentence,” he says.

The article is worth a look so that you can check out the flow chart of his fixer group. This may seem like something out of the movies but trust us, this is real life. A former vice president’s son has been running amok with underage hookers and crack cocaine. Fortunately for them, they have the fixers to make these sorts of problems go away very quickly.

Hunter may feel good about what he has done but no one is stopping to think of the collateral damage. His actions were so over the top, he put Secret Service agents in direct danger. The cover-ups had to be over the top because his actions were so blatantly wrong. Take a closer look at the aforementioned report, so that you can learn more about the Biden fixer team.

These people are not going to stop until they have successfully convinced everyone that there is nothing to see here. Liberals would love to make everyone believe that they are actually tough on crime but in reality? They make excuses for anyone who identifies as blue. Hunter Biden is guilty of a number of different crimes here but nothing has been done.

Joe Biden is going to bring that same pushover mentality into the White House if he is allowed to do so. This is not something that any American should want, especially those who are enamored with law and order. Anyone who is tired of the nonstop disrespect for the rule of law that governs this nation is not going to be voting for Biden or his band of gangster cronies. It’s time to put a stop to this once and for all on Tuesday.