Bribes. More Reasons Why LA Traffic Sucks

Traffic in Los Angeles sucks. And there are a few good reasons for it. The overall congestion of the area is a big one, followed by infrastructure being another.

There are a few highly liberal reasons, though, too.

Immigration has led many illegal migrants without driver’s licenses to take to the roads.

And now, it seems, that DMV employees have been allegedly accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes. License tests? Psssh. With a bit of money in the right hands, license tests can be skipped entirely in the Golden State.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that a network of DMV employees was accepting a significant amount of bribe money to give people CA driver’s licenses – even though they weren’t passing the necessary tests.

Prosecutors have been working with the DMV employees to see just how extensive the problem is. One DMV manager in Lincoln Park, Jovana Tameka Nettles, already pleaded guilty to mail fraud for accepting bribes.

Nettles is the fifth former employee of the DMV in Southern California to admit to accepting bribes. She reported that she and her colleagues would give passing scores to individuals on written and driving tests in exchange for cash.

Well, this could explain a lot about the traffic in LA. There could be dozens if not hundreds of people on the road with no clue as to how to drive.

Each of the tests are given for a reason.

The written tests focus on the laws of the road. Failure to pass means that people don’t know about traffic signs, correct following distances, and more.

As for the driving tests, failure to pass may mean that people don’t know how to safely pass, come to a complete stop, or even comply with speed limit signs.

The sheer number of accidents and tickets could have been a sign that something was up…

However, the problem was actually identified when a DMV investigator noticed that driver’s license applications at the Torrance office were being processed suspiciously.

This is when an investigator landed on Huel Kennedy, a DMV employee that admitted to accepting over $50,000 in bribes – and he would accept bribes on a weekly basis.

The problem is bigger than a few ambitious DMV employees who wanted to make a bit of extra cash on the side. Rather than it being a simple side hustle, it was quite the system.

Prosecutors found that the head of the conspiracy was Atancio Villegas, who was a license registration examiner. There was actually a network of brokers that would help by forwarding bribes to DMV employees. This way, those who knew they wouldn’t pass could have the bribe money in hand and know which DMV employees they could approach.

The problem with this is that there’s no way of knowing who has a license that shouldn’t. And, based on the informants and the statements from those found guilty, some were even receiving commercial truck licenses. It’s possible that there are over 100 commercial truck drivers on the roads of California and the rest of the country that received their driver’s licenses through bribes – and this should be enough to terrify every driver on the road.

What is Governor Newsom doing about it? There’s no way to know just yet.

What are the district attorneys doing about it? Well, this is southern California. And if the issue affects enough illegal immigrants, they’re likely not going to do much.

It shows that, yet again, the liberals are guilty of doing something that will end up hurting the entire population. There could be hundreds of drivers out there that have no idea what they’re doing – and when they eventually get into an accident, the truth will come out.

At least there’s a reason why there’s such bad traffic in LA and the rest of the state. Though, it also shows that Newsom is clearly not getting the job done in any aspect of running the state.