California Governor Warned by Department of Justice

The governor of California is reorganizing the state into a socialist form of rule. His pushy laws and excessive actions are not normal. He is also moving to limit religion and trying to keep people from worshipping.

A socialist nation does not allow for people to attend church and worship freely. Newsom is trying to impose his socialist beliefs on a limited level by keeping churches from opening and holding services. For a short period, he gets to live in his utopia of socialism.

His actions are in clear violation of the constitutional freedoms that all Americans enjoy and that is the freedom of religion and the freedom to worship. His reasoning to limit worship is hidden in the desire to limit the spread of the virus.

But the Department of Justice is seeing things differently as they have warned him that he is in danger of a major constitutional violation.

Eric S. Dreiband, who is the assistant attorney general, stated that Newsom is showing “unequal treatment of faith communities.” He is restricting people from getting together and worshipping together. In essence, he is imposing his socialist agenda on people and he is stripping their freedoms from them under the guise of the coronavirus. Dreiband went on to point out that “Simply put, there is no pandemic exception to the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.”

Newsom had no response to the accusation of the truth. There is not a Democrat that can refute when the truth is presented to them. They get silent and pray that the issue goes away.

This is one issue that will continue to haunt Newsom until he backs off and lets people worship freely. Democrats use the stay at home orders to push the destructive agenda on people.

There is a major unbalance happening in California as Newsom is letting some people get back to work that look and function like churches. But he is keeping the religious institutions from opening back up. This is favoritism at work coming from Newsom.

He hates religion so he will do what he can to keep churches closed. Dreiband also stated that “regardless of whether the product they are selling and shipping are life-preserving products or not. This facially discriminates against religious exercise.”

There is not a Democrat that holds to the constitution. They hate the fact that the Founding Fathers formulated a document to keep people in power from abusing their authority over people.

They must obey the laws of the land that provides the freedoms that define the United States. Dreiband pointed out that “The Constitution calls for California to do more to accommodate religious worship, including in stage 2 of the reopening plan.”

Newsom thinks he is a god in human form and is drunk with the power that he believes that he has. The people of faith in California have obeyed the orders to stay at home because they believe that it is the right thing to do.

They do not obey because it was Newsom that issued them. What Newsom will find out is that his imaginary subjects will riot if he tramples on their freedoms. He will be removed from his self-made throne by higher powers.

The courts are having to intervene, and their rulings are forming based on political affiliations. But one judge named John A. Mendez stated that “Even in times of health, government officials must often strike the delicate balance between ensuring public safety and preserving the Constitution’s fundamental guarantees.

But during public health crises, new considerations come to bear, and government officials must ask whether even fundamental rights must give way to a deeper need to control the spread of infectious disease and protect the lives of society’s most vulnerable.”

Much of what he says is fine, but freedoms are never something that can be taken away. The Constitution is not a list of freedoms. It is more of a description of what mankind has in life. This is something that President Trump knows because he is pushing for the liberal governors to open the states quicker than what they are doing.