California Public Schools Find Themselves In the Spotlight Again…

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The California public school system just can’t stay out of the media spotlight. The latest story involves two assistant vice principals in Southern California who have been arrested. They allegedly failed to notify authorities when three students came forward and claimed that they were sexually assaulted on the high school campus, according to officials familiar with the case.

The vice-principals are 38-year-old David Yang and 37-year-old Natasha Harris. They both served Carter High School in Rialto, California. They were arrested this week on school grounds.

The police were called on February 16th concerning a sexual battery that happened at the school with a 15-year-old female student. She was allegedly assaulted by a 17-year-old male student. This apparently took place multiple times over the past three months, according to a news release.

The young girl reported the assault to both Yang and Harris in November of 2021, according to the District Attorney’s office in San Bernardino. When detectives began to investigate the allegations, they found out about two more female students, one age 15 and the other age 16, who were allegedly sexually assaulted by the same 17-year-old male.

The detectives found that the second victim also reported her assault to both vice principals in September of 2021. The third victim came forward to Yang and Harris in February of this year.

The problem is that no one from the school contacted the police until February 16th of this year. The California law states that school officials are required to immediately contact law enforcement when they hear about the possibility of child abuse or neglect.

Yang and Harris have both been charged with one felony count of child abuse under circumstances or conditions that are likely to cause great bodily injury or death. They have also been charged with two misdemeanor counts of failure of a mandated reporter to report child abuse or neglect. This was announced by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office this week.

The two vice principals were taken into custody without incident and they were booked into the West Valley Detention Center. They have a bail that was set at $150,000.

How could the vice principals think that such behavior was acceptable? It’s absolutely disgusting…

Learn more about the alleged assaults and what’s being done moving forward by tuning in tomorrow.