California: Shocking Video Shows Just How Bad Crime is in Broad Daylight

The nation is watching in horror as Gavin Newsom continues to socialize California and let the criminals rob and terrorize the law-abiding citizens. Crime is so far out of control in California that a person driving through the town can witness multiple crimes in just a few minutes of each other.

Gavin Newsom pushed through Prop 47, a deceptively named the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.” Most people read the title and think it will eliminate crime and let law enforcement do their jobs without liberal intervention. But the bill’s name was so named because Newsom could not get it passed by stating the truth of what the bill was designed to do.

The bill reduces the punishment for felony crimes and lets out violent criminals early from prison. It also reduces many felony actions to misdemeanors and permits people to steal $950 per day without answering for their crimes. Newsom allows the street thugs to do what they want. And there is not a person that would want to work if they could rip off $950 a day without having to face jail time for the crime.

The police have their hands tied by the naughty Newsom. They cannot arrest a person that does not break Prop 47. All they can do is sit in their squad cars and watch people rip each off.

The issue that has developed is that crime has skyrocketed across the state. People cannot walk through their neighborhoods without being mugged by a person demanding only $950. Any more than that, and the victim might get shot.

The chaos from Newsom’s approach to crime control leaves people vulnerable and open to attack from people that prey upon the innocent. Major cities are already seeing a mass exodus of people leaving the state because they fear their lives.

Nothing that Californians are suffering today is COVID-related. They are in trouble because of Gavin Newsom. His dictatorship continues to reign because the recall has not been allowed to take place. Many influential people seek to dethrone the self-proclaimed monarch, but they have to wait for the vote to occur.

The only way that the truth about what is taking place will get out is by sharing their stories in the war zone. The liberal media will ignore the problem because they do not want to damage Newsom’s image any more than he already has done himself.

One report noted a TJ Maxx store being looted by a group of people walking into a store and taking things from the rack. And since no one could prosecute them, the employees and cops could stand around and wonder why they are working when all they have to do is steal as the criminals can.

The boldness of people stealing in California boggles the mind of people living in other parts of the country. But the socialistic mindset and environment in California under Newsom provides a perfect picture of what life will be like if Biden can get his socialist bills passed in Congress.

Newsom has his eyes on the White House. He thinks that he would make an ideal candidate in Washington if he can get through the recall. He will have proved to himself and others that he is precisely what the Democrats need. They need a man who is familiar with criminal activity enough to design an environment that all liberals can profit from petty theft and robbery.

The Republican Party is the sole group of politicians that genuinely cares for the people. The liberals have shown that they endorse crime and terrorism, corruption, and all other anti-American forces. The only way for California to regain its extraordinary status and desirability is to oust the liberals and install a political body willing to serve the people.

The liberals will never yield their power as long as they are allowed to stay in office. They will only seek ways of staying in the office longer by changing the rules to fit their agenda. But for now, the criminals get to enjoy their gold rush moment as they are allowed to exploit innocent people to satisfy their greed.