California Takes Gender Neutrality to the Stores

The liberals seem to be confused about their gender, and they’re making everyone pay for it.

Gender neutrality is the belief that policies, language, and social structures should avoid assuming a role in someone’s gender. Essentially, it allows people to identify in any way that they please.

For as long as humans have walked the earth, there are two genders: male or female. You are born with a specific gender. At some point, you have to choose which one you’re going to identify with. It’s simply the way the world works.

Leave it to California to challenge that concept.

There’s current legislation being considered in California that would prohibit retailers from having separate boy and girl sections. Instead, they would mandate a “gender-neutral” clothing section along with toy “safe spaces.”

According to a Democrat who is fighting for this legislation, Assemblyman Evan Low says, “We just want to let kids be kids.”

How funny. For decades, kids have been allowed to be kids without gender neutrality in stores. That’s because parents knew how to walk across the aisle to choose something outside of the standard gender for their child.

Low believes that the way to inspire is to tear down the walls of gender identity. He claims that removing certain toys from the boys’ section, it will get more girls involved in STEM.

Really? When is the last time Mr. Low even went through a toy department? The toys aren’t categorized by gender. Of course, most of the “boy” toys are on one aisle and the “girl” toys are on another, but parents can feel comfortable shopping down any of the aisles. There’s no reason for Barbies to be directly beside Tonka trucks. Another aisle is fine. Kids will find the toys they want to play with no matter what.

As for clothes, when is the line going to be drawn? Parents of boys can go into the boys’ section. If the boy wants to try on a dress, they can simply go into the girls’ section.

There’s a reason that clothes are divided, and it’s not just because of color and theme.

Girls have a different build than boys. The pants for boys are narrower in the hip. The shirts for girls have stitching to accommodate a growing bustline. Even undergarments are different because let’s face it, they have different parts.

Another Democrat argues that the legislation will bring about inclusivity because there are kids “who are figuring out their identities.”

Let the kids figure it out by roaming the sections based on “boy” and “girl.” Otherwise, you’re going to end up with kids choosing clothes that don’t properly fit them.

Perhaps the answer is to go to the designers and ask them to make more inclusive designs. Dinosaurs can be on girls’ shirts and flowers can be on boys’ shirts.

Mixing it all up in the stores, though, is only proving a false point: that boys and girls are the same.

They’re not the same. Gender has to matter because girls need bras and boys don’t. Boys have genitalia that requires certain accommodations while girls don’t. As such, the clothing sections have to be based on gender.

Those who are confused about gender will have to figure it out. They still need to buy based on their gender to ensure that clothes fit properly.

If girls want to play with Lincoln Logs or dinosaurs, let it happen. If boys want to play with dolls, let them. There’s no stopping kids from being able to play with whatever makes them happy.

Stores shouldn’t be forced to conform to gender neutrality clauses in California legislation. Yet, bill AB 1084 is aimed at doing just that. The government would suddenly have the ability to control private sector businesses. Specifically, retail stores with 500+ employees would have to maintain “undivided areas of its sales floor” so that they cannot be marketed specifically for girls or boys.

Get ready for more gender confusion than ever before.