California’s Broken Justice System Releases Tens of Thousands of Criminals Early

How is it that California can continue to make epic mistakes? As governor Gavin Newsom may actually end up being recalled because residents are tired of the way he’s running the state, now the justice system decides to show that they, too, are a train wreck.

There’s a reason that people are arrested and sentenced to prison – justice. When you commit a crime, you have to be prepared to do the time.

It’s not just serving the sentence, though. Criminals leave victims behind in their wake. Those victims often gain peace of mind and strength to move forward when they see that the criminals have been sentenced to a specific number of years in jail.

Now, what happens to all of those victims when they see their attackers being released early?

California is granting the release of 76,000 inmates early. Many of these are violent and repeat felons – yet they’re being released from prison early because of “good behavior credits.”

Good behavior? Sure, it’s easy to be on good behavior when you’re in prison. There’s nothing to do. Those people already proved that they aren’t capable of good behavior because they’re in prison because of violent crimes.

Of the 76,000 people being released in California, at least 63,000 were convicted of violent crimes – and they’re eligible to have their sentences shorted by one-third. This also means that 20,000 who were sentenced to life with the possibility of parole are going to be walking the streets.

Do you know just how bad of a person you have to be to be sentenced to life in prison?

As if California doesn’t have countless other problems to deal with, they’re going to be letting hardened criminals back onto the streets. Then, Democrats will be scratching their heads in a few years when crime rates surge, wondering what in the world happened.

According to Associated Press, the new rule took effect on May 1. However, it could be months or years since the inmates are actually released as they still have to serve at least one-third of their sentence.

Corrections officials are trying to spin this as a good thing, saying that inmates can be rewarded for bettering themselves. Oh, well, let’s make sure the inmates get a chance to help themselves. They better plan on offering mental support for the victims who will get to see their attackers out on the streets decades sooner than anticipated.

Of course, critics are saying that the move is going to endanger the public. And, of course, it will. Why? Because this has been tried before. The reason there are so many repeat offenders in jail is that they continuously prove that they don’t learn from their past mistakes.

There are minimum-security inmates in work camps that will receive an earlier release for every month they spend in camp. Here’s the kicker: It’s regardless of the severity of their crime. So, those who are murderers and rapists can simply join a work camp and be on their best behavior so that they can be released faster. What a great way to ensure they have new victims!

Why would California make such a bold move? It’s all for the money. They are looking to reduce prison populations. However, they spin it so that the California Department of Corrections spokesperson can say with a straight face that “The goal is to increase incentives for the incarcerated population to practice good behavior and follow the rules while serving their time, and participate in rehabilitative and educational programs, which will lead to safer prisons.”

After all, it’s become clear that California is more interested in keeping the prisons safe than the actual residents of the state. From reducing prison sentences to allowing sanctuary cities for the violent illegal aliens, it’s no wonder that the residents of the state are choosing to say goodbye to Newsom. He doesn’t even bother hiding that he doesn’t care about protecting law-abiding citizens anymore.