Careful…Your Toddler Could Be a Racist!

The entire country is turning on itself to point the finger at those who are and may be could be racist. Now, the Arizona Department of Education has established an “equity toolkit” that explains how racism may start forming in children as young as three-months-old.

Babies are racist. This is what this new report is essentially saying. And as Christopher Rufo, a scholar from the Discovery Institute points out, the readings that the DOE provides suggest that white people are not only racist but also ignorant and color blind.

The toolkit provides a spectrum about how children are never too young to discuss race. They further cite a study where babies begin to look more at faces that match their caregivers’ race beginning at three months.

The study goes on to say that by 30 months old, race is being used to select playmates. “Expressions of racial prejudice” will often peak in those ages four and five.

The study clearly has some flaws because they identify that by five, children who are black or of Latin backgrounds show no preference toward their groups while white children remain “strongly biased in favor of whiteness.”

The entire idea behind the document that was shared by the Arizona Department of Education is to get parents to talk about race with their children. They believe that silence regarding race will actually reinforce racism.

Only white parents are encouraged to address anti-racism. This document has actually completely dismissed the idea that black and Latinx children can express racist views. They don’t believe that a white child could experience racist language toward them – that only the white child is capable of being racist.

Within months of birth, parents should begin demonstrating anti-racist attitudes. Otherwise, there’s the risk of a toddler becoming racist.

So, to help with matters, the Arizona Department of Education has provided a document, “How White Parents Can Talk to Their Kids About Race.”

The very creation of this document is racist. If a white child enters a predominantly black school, it is not the black child who will face racial slander. It will be the white child.

Where is the document that addresses how black parents can talk to their kids about race? Oh, right. Apparently, only white kids can be racist – and this is why the country cannot possibly begin to address racism. The liberals want to pretend that it’s a one-sided problem.

The Department of Education has shared recommended reads to parents that will only continue to suffocate the problem. Schools are being taught to “change what it means to be white.” They believe that white children are always going to have an advantage and that people of color are always going to be disadvantaged.

A quick look at low-income communities in the United States will prove that it’s not just people of color being impacted. White people are living below the poverty line. White people are in Section 8 housing. White people are homeless. Where is their white privilege?

The dialogue is wrong, and it’s clear that Arizona is only interested in perpetuating lies so that they can appease the liberals.

No toddler should be raised to feel as though they have somehow sinned because they are white. If it were up to the liberals, toddlers would be taught that they have white privilege and must be constantly punished because of their skin color.

Why is it that we have to focus solely on the white?

If we’re going to establish unity, there needs to be a consistent conversation with everyone: treat everyone as equals. This is America, and we have the same opportunities to get an education and to be anyone we want to be. That’s obvious by the various genders and ethnicities represented in Congress. Black, White, Latinx, it’s possible to be a member of Congress and be a part of the change.