Census Dethrones Democrats as Power Spills Into Conservative Republicans Camp

The census is a significant asset for a lot of reasons. School districts can get adequate funding, and special services can be rightly funded. But one of the biggest reasons as to why they are essential is that it helps draw up the political landscape. The Democrats hate the last census because the results are in, and it looks like the Republicans are going to gain a lot of power very soon.

The Democratic powerhouse states are losing a seat in the House, and Texas and Florida are gaining several. The south is going to become a significant battleground region as the liberals try and find new ways of cheating the conservatives out of their rightful seats.

The liberals in the House know that their time is numbered. They only control the House by a few seats, and now that the new maps are out, that margin just crumbled. Republicans are looking to retake the House in 2022 with no problems at all.

The population of the United States has increased a lot in the past decade. The number of seats in the House is determined by that population number and where each cluster of people is found. The more people in a state means they will have more seats in the House. District maps are drawn up to incorporate the new people.

The Democrats have driven out the conservatives in their liberal states. These people are moving to areas of the country that hold onto conservative values and the American way of life. The population shift is putting the power and the seats back into the Republican’s hands. The new census data will provide the details as to how the Democrats will be defeated in 2022.

The Founding Fathers were wise enough to require a census to be done every decade to keep the representation of the people in line with the movement of the population. And the fact that each state can only have two senators keeps the balance of power equal for all states, large and small.

One report noted that “With a potential 181 congressional districts ready for a Republican massage, Democrats will be staring at their estimated 74 redistricting opportunities with dismay. Although the recent census may change these numbers a little, the advantage for the minority party this time around seems all but assured to upset the balance of power and destroy President Joe Biden’s trifecta.”

This is a significant problem for crazy man Biden. He needs to control everything in order to avoid becoming a lame-duck president. Just a few more seats in the House for the conservatives will save America and keep the crazy man from socializing the landscape.

Many blue states will lose seats, such as New York, California, Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, and Colorado. And there are just as many red states that will gain a seat which means Nancy Pelosi is out of a job.

The liberals are shooting themselves in the foot by treating people harshly and like second-rate citizens. This puts them in an awkward position as the next election is just a few months away.

Adam Kincaid is the executive director of the National Republican Redistricting Trust. He has noted that the Democrats may get five to 15 seats, but the Republicans will gain 20 to 30 seats. Biden’s reign of terror is all but coming to an end.

Kyle Kondik is an election analyst from the University of Virginia, and he stated very clearly that “I’d expect, just from reapportionment, the Republicans to win a few seats.”

The narrow margin that Biden is clinging onto will soon evaporate. He only has a short time to push through his wild expectations. Except he did not count on two moderates giving him trouble. He just cannot seem to gather the troops with which to invade America with.

Selfish Joe Biden lost the chance to work with Republicans. They gave him a chance, but he blew them off and went rogue. And now that he is about to lose one of the parts of the Legislature, he will sick and quack his way to retirement in his rocking chair as a lame-duck president.