Chicago: Shootings Prove that Not All Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has been around for a while, placing an emphasis on police brutality and the overall killing of black people. However, once George Floyd’s death occurred, BLM has been more prominent than ever before.

The shootings in Chicago, where many black people have been shot and killed in the past few days, should spark outrage with Black Lives Matter. However, there hasn’t been any of that.

The shootings aren’t making the headlines. The deaths aren’t causing protests. They’re simply happening – and BLM isn’t anywhere to be seen.

So, clearly, the organization isn’t as fired up over the loss of all black lives. Only certain ones.

Last weekend, over 100 people were shot. This weekend, 65 people were shot. All of this happened in Chicago. Additionally, some of those who were shot were young children.

A 13-year-old girl was killed while watching TV when a bullet entered the home and hit her in the head. A 20-month old boy was shot in the chest while sitting in a car seat in the backseat of a car.

These are black children being shot due to everyday gun violence in Chicago. In many instances, these are black-on-black killings. Where’s the outrage?

People are angry. Too many innocent people are caught in the crosshairs of the violence. Protesters are using violence to get their point across. They want the police to be defunded.

Meanwhile, an alternate group has formed. “I’m Telling, Don’t Shoot” was started by Early Walker, a local philanthropist. They want to do something about the violence – and they’re against defunding the police. As one activist says, “It’s our fault that this is happening, not the police’s fault. This is on us, not the police.”

Black Lives Matter wants to make the country believe that they are representing every one of color, particularly with the demands to defund the police. It’s not accurate. BLM has its own agenda. They want to rip the country apart.

When it comes down to it, there are more black lives being stolen in Chicago than anywhere else in the country right now. Those black lives aren’t because of police brutality or because of white people being racist. It’s about black people killing black people within their own communities.

This violence hasn’t caused Black Lives Matter to spring into action. Why? Don’t all black lives matter? Apparently not. What’s happening in Chicago doesn’t fit BLM’s agenda, which is why they’re not doing anything about it. It’s also why the issues happening in the Windy City are barely making the news.

Most of the violence has been confined to one area of Chicago, which is east of the O’Hare airport. It goes from Edgewater all the way down to Roseland. While the police are showing up and doing their job, it’s an issue that has to be dealt with inside of the black community.

Why all the hate? Why all the violence? The shooting seems to be blind rage, with gunshots ringing out at all times of the day and night.

65 people being shot in a single weekend, with 16 dead, is a significant amount of violence for one city. What’s being done about this by the group who is constantly touting that black lives matter?

If they’re not going to care about such violence against the group of people they claim to care the most about, it’s time to start asking more questions.

What do they really care about? Which black lives do matter to them? What agenda do they have when it comes to the country?

Right now, their protests are doing more destruction than anything else. They want to defund the police. Why? So that there can be more violence in Chicago?

Or, so there won’t be any police around when BLM decides they want to run things within the country? If what’s happening in Chicago isn’t sparking outrage with the group, there’s something very wrong.