China and the Taliban Just Slid Between the Sheets for a Sultry Rendezvous… Both Came Away Feeling Fully Satisfied

It was bound to happen. When the tyrants of the world are presented with an opening, they take it without hesitation. All it requires is the least amount of weakness from whoever would typically block their path. In this case, the weakness is coming from Washington D.C. and the tyrants taking advantage of the fact are China and the Taliban. They’ve shimmied under the sheets together and things are heating up.

As the U.S. eases its way out of decades of bloody battles in Afghanistan, the Chinese are easing their way in and they’re being welcomed with open arms by the Taliban. So much, in fact, a group of high-rolling Taliban officials accepted an all-expenses-paid invitation from China’s foreign minister to be his guest in Bejing.

China released a photo of its foreign minister, Wang Yi, striking a pose with top Taliban raghead Mullah Abdul Ghani and his trusty band of smiling murderous head-loppers. The Taliban are sick and tired of being labeled as militants. They’ve proven their worthiness and they want to be considered legitimate. They aren’t getting enough credit for being the political force they are.

Wang Yi seized the propaganda spreading opportunity by saying that America and Nato yanking troops out of Afghanistan so quickly only “reveals the failure of America’s policies and offers the Afghan people an important opportunity to stabilize and develop their own country.” And of course, China is just the right country to help them do that. Good choice, guys.

The Chinese are approaching the Taliban in an unexpected way. Instead of funding weaponry and providing them with additional troops, they want them to stop chopping heads off for a while and instead start pushing for peace talks with Afghan government-backed forces. They’re asking them to break a little bread and see what happens.

Here’s the real deal. China shares a border with Afghanistan. That border lies in the very remote Wakhan Valley which is located in the region of Xinjiang, home to China’s Uyghur Muslims. This makes China kinda nervous.

After the way the Chinese have enslaved and abused their minority population, they’re afraid of Islamic militants using that small stretch of the border as an entryway for trying to mess up what’s been working so well for them. Even a caveman knows forced labor means higher profits, not to mention having an endless string of unwilling women at their disposal. Geez-Louise. Can’t let that happen.

As a show of good faith, China has also entered into deals with the Afghan government for oil, gas, and copper. Fully aware of how absolutely nothing has been produced in any of these areas for a very long time, it was a safe gamble. But it also proves China’s been working both sides of the fence. Of course, to their own greedy advantage.

This could be a best-selling mystery novel. China gets the Taliban to cool their swords for a while and instead seek a peaceful resolution to the entire mess. The entire time, the Taliban have been lead to believe it’s actually a devious plot for them to eventually gain control.

On the other hand, the Chinese invested yen into the Afghan government and promised to buy the goods they know they can’t produce. The Afghan Government has been led to believe this has been done to give them a financial boost, and in turn, to build stronger defenses to fight and destroy the Taliban. Everybody is Happy. For now… But wait… There’s more…

Say what you will about the Communist Chinese, but they’re pretty sharp fortune cookies. The Afghans… Not so much… What they’re doing is nothing short of a devious plot, but it’s for their benefit only. They would just as soon both sides kill each other off and they’re trying their best to make it happen. The bloodier and the weaker both sides become, the better.

With the U.S. and NATO out of the way, and knowing what an ordeal it would be for them to return, the Communist Chinese will dance whatever dance they dance straight into Afghanistan and declare victory. Easy-peasy. Fooled ‘ya.

Some say Putin will have something to say about all of this before it reaches that point, but consider the following equations. Vlad is too busy trying to figure out what to do about sleepy Joe destroying any amount of progress he and Trump may have achieved, whether in private or publically. Joe isn’t doing squat. The clown won’t even talk to him.

Next valid point. Russia in no uncertain terms does not want to take control of Afghanistan. It would be a migraine headache from hell and there isn’t enough vodka in the world. But. It’s much easier dealing with the Chinese than it is the U.S. so he’s up for anything he can do to help China out. Just say the word.

And once the Chinese get those oil wells pumping again you may as well sell your vehicle. The price per gallon for gasoline will be higher than your monthly car payment.

As Paul Harvey would say. Now you know… the rest of the story.