China Is NOT Neutral About Ukraine…President Xi Jinping Wiggles His Slimy Serpent Tongue 

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Putin and Xi, sitting in a tree, k-i-l-l-i-n-g. Chinese President Xi Jinping may appear to be relaxing and enjoying the show in Ukraine, but he’s on the sidelines shaking his pom-poms for his ‘BFF’ Vlad. Xi knows the truth about what’s been going down but this doesn’t mean his undeserving noodle-slurping peasants need to. 

While Xi continuously maintains China’s neutrality in the matter, his actions say it ain’t so. Chinese State Media is mirroring Russian State Media’s tall tales of victory and honor in their noble quest to let freedom once again ring in the streets of Ukraine. 

China hasn’t gone as far as ordering its massive military force into Ukraine for one quick sweep before calling it a day, but who’s to say it one day won’t? It’s of greater benefit waiting until Putin’s raggedy-ass military has been weakened and demoralized enough to make simultaneously taking down Ukraine and Russia a walk through the cherry blossom trees. 

Chinese media said that anything anyone catches wind of concerning the number of civilian casualties reported in Bucha is monkey-dong. In keeping with Russia’s fabricated version of the story, the “Ukrainians directed a good show.” Satellite images and first-hand accounts prove differently.

Also in clear disagreement with China’s nonsense was the High Commissioner for Human Rights who said the images clearly showed civilians being “directly targeted and directly killed.” UN chief Antonio Guterres said the international call to investigate war crimes into the willful killing of civilians is strengthening.

As always, Chinese media is blaming the entire disruption of peace and the slaughtering of countless civilians in Ukraine on the Yankee demon called America.

The Golden Times, China’s nationalist tabloid, pulled the hook out of Russia’s mouth by saying the following about the “Bucha incident.”  

“It is regrettable that after the exposure of the ‘Bucha incident,’ the US, the initiator of the Ukraine crisis, has not shown any signs of urging peace and promoting talks, but is ready to exacerbate the Russia-Ukraine tensions. No matter how the ‘Bucha incident’ took place, no one can deny at least one thing: War itself is the main culprit of the humanitarian disaster.”

Depending upon the day of the week, China has a million reasons for why the U.S. devils instigated this entire war in Ukraine. Their favorite one is America’s unbridled quest for world domination.

Just weeks prior to Russia rushing Ukraine’s border, Xi Jinping had declared a partnership between Bejing and Moscow. He said their union had “no limits” and more or less indicated it was due to the U.S. driving a wedge between itself and both Russia and China. He never said the name Biden, but just as easily could have.

The Chinese are pulling out all the stops to remind their people of how evil America is. Of how the U.S. falsely accused China of releasing COVID-19 to ruin their good name. 

They said the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong prove how easily imperialists can be led to violent eruptions and how this is their preferred method for settling disputes in their lawless wasteland. There’s a Billy the Kid, or worse, a Charles Manson, on every corner. 

But are Xi and Vladimir really good buds or are they more concerned with their own issues and simply using one another for now? It wouldn’t matter if Putin’s whacked-out warriors beheaded every man, woman, and child still left alive in Ukraine, China would find a way to justify it before it would ever take the side of the U.S. 

Maybe the two aren’t as cozy under the sheets as they would prefer the world believe. Sooner or later, one of them is going to end up being the jilted lover. All bets say it’ll be Vladimir Putin.