China Kicks Cruz and Rubio to the Curb…They Don’t Need Crybabies Mucking up Trumps Progress

The Trump administration has received an overwhelming amount of criticism from the liberal-left over their dealings with China. “They’re going to start a world war,” they blindly cry. “The price of everything will skyrocket.” But as China just proved, this is clearly not the truth.

In fact, China has a very good relationship with the current administration, and much progress has been made. So much progress, China has singled out eleven of America’s politicians and business leaders who they want nothing to do with. They’re fly’s in the ointment.

Two of the eleven are very well known in the political realm for continually sticking their feet in their mouths. While President Trump and his loyal co-hearts continue swimming upstream to reach the goals no other President has been able to reach, these two are still floundering in the wet sand.

Their names shouldn’t surprise anyone. China just emphatically stated how they want nothing at all to do with Senator’s Ted Cruz and “Little” Marco Rubio by sanctioning them.

Zhao Lijian, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, made a scathing statement by announcing how, concerning issues in Hong Kong, these 11 individuals have ‘performed badly.’

New sanctions imposed by the U.S. over China imposing new security laws in Hong Kong, led to an overwhelming amount of criticism from U.S. officials. The U.S. even closed the Chinese Consulate office in Houston as talks between Bejing and the U.S. deteriorated.

And while all of this may appear to be negative news, do not be fooled by initial outside appearances. Not one single sanction was placed against anyone in the Trump administration, including Trump’s family members or any of his business associates. So while the cry babies are kicking, screaming, and spreading misinformation, rest assured, all is well.

At a daily briefing, Zhao said, “The relevant actions of the U.S. blatantly intervened in Hong Kong affairs, grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs, and seriously violated international law and the basic norms of international relations. China urges the U.S. to have a clear understanding of the situation, correct mistakes, and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and interfering in China’s internal affairs.”

The sanctions only included the names of those individuals with a habit of sticking their noses where they don’t belong, and Cruz and Rubio are guilty as charged for attempting to muck of the water of international relations.

These two bottle sucking Senators have by far been the most vocal opposing voices of Beijing’s actions, especially in terms of business practices and human rights violations. And it needs to be duly noted how this is not the less-than-dynamic duos first run-in with Beijing’s powers that be.

Sanctions were also placed against Derek Mitchell, National Democratic Institute President, International Republican Institute President Daniel Twining, Carl Gershman, National Endowment for Democracy President, Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth, and Michael Abramowitz, President of Freedom House.

Beijing has placed all of the eleven sanctioned individuals on a travel ban, preventing their entry into the country. Tensions continue to rise between Washington and Beijing, so it only makes sense how China wants to weed out the instigators who are largely responsible for the turmoil, preferring only to deal with Trump and his official troops.

The Chinese and the U.S. both wish to see the progress already made, continue, and the only way this can ever be achieved was by kicking all of the unwanted opposing vermin to the proverbial curb. The sanctions were actually good, and much needed if either country is to move forward.

Don’t misunderstand. The Trump administration continues to play hardball with the Chinese, but the President is also fully aware of how China is not the U.S., and because of this, his approach is one of diplomacy. He picks his battles and does so wisely.

Trump cannot, and won’t even try, to change the views of the Communist party, but if anything China is doing directly affects the welfare of America, he’s on it, and he is relentless.

It’s a pearl of wisdom not enjoyed by Cruz, Rubio, or any of the eleven. They need to step aside and let America’s President do his job. And obviously, the Chinese agree.