CHOP Protesters Pulling Back: Ready for War

Jenny Durkan is the traitorous mayor that allowed the protestors in Seattle to take over a large area of the downtown region. These protestors have murdered at least one person and beaten several others and have called their new territory the Capital Hill Organized Protest zone.

Since they have murdered one man and beaten others, Durkan has finally realized the error of her ways is looking to take back the zone from the killers. But her approach is far from effective as she believes that talking to the killers will get them to come from their hideouts. All that they have done is pull back into a more defensive position.

They are ready for war. The leaders of the CHOP group have realized that if they are going to continue to protest, then they are going to have to consolidate their efforts and operate from a smaller location. They have moved onto a street near the police building to redirect their protest focus.

The reason for their change in location is that they feel that the area is not manageable or compatible with their agenda. What they have said is that their members are turning violent and they can no longer control the people. They are having to give back areas to the police to keep their people under control.

The CHOP people say they want to enact police reform, but when they murdered a person in the zone that agenda died with the man. No one is going to show them any mercy once the military starts to move into the area.

One organizer is Angelica C and she has stated that “Basically, it’s to bring the attention and the focus back onto why we’re here, occupy protesters, which is to get our demands met. And the only way we can do that is to occupy this precinct right here.”

She is blind to the fact that to enact change she must go through the right channels and enact change on a legal level. She is nothing more than a terrorist trying to control an area that the group can no longer manage because their people are drunk with power and cannot control themselves. Violence is spreading and local businesses are getting ticked-off to the point that they are ready to boot them all out themselves.

What they have set themselves up with is a little homeless town. They all live in tents and even cook their food outside. The group claims that they have their security forces, which is nothing more than an organized mafia gang shaking down people for money and materialistic possessions. Everyone that is part of the CHOP zone is there to camp out. They do not care about the agenda or the movement.

Local businesses are already suing the city for letting these people take over and disrupt the peace. People are showing up and doing things that are not in line with what CHOP is all about. When Durkan pulled the police unit out and gave the terrorists the barricades she joined up with their cause.

One organizer of the group stated that “It makes us have to worry about extra stuff going on down there that doesn’t necessarily pertain to why CHOP’s here.” Stated about all the other people trying to show up and act as they care.

Durkan wants to appear like she is working to resolve the issue, but she is over her head as nothing is getting done. President Trump is ready to send in the military if things do not change very soon.

Durkan has defied the president and snubbed her nose at the notion that these people are bad. But when they commit murder and destroy private and public property, they are setting themselves up to be nothing more than a local gang.

The people living in the zone see the police building as their only leverage piece. They are willing to form a human chain around the building. What they don’t realize is that their efforts will be short-lived when the police and military show up to take back what is rightly theirs. The CHOP movement is coming to an end and it could not be soon enough.