Christmas Lives On: Get the Details of Kirk Cameron’s ‘Peaceful Protest’ in Defiance of Newsom’s Orders

The Christmas spirit isn’t altogether dead in the state of California just yet, despite the best efforts of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Sunday, actor and evangelist Kirk Cameron put out the word that he was partnering with an organization called  “Sing It Louder USA” which was openly defying Newsom’s orders and the state’s lockdown plan and would be hosting a huge Christmas caroling event in the parking lot of The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks, California, near Los Angeles, according to The Daily Wire.

The Growing Pains actor held his own event the Sunday before which was attended by around 500 individuals, inspired by the Christmas spirit, and what they believe to be their God-given rights to assemble and celebrate the birth of Christ. Following Cameron’s Dec. 6 event, the actor told TMZ that he hoped to advertise his Dec. 13 event and get even more people involved.

“Listen, we had the most amazing time this last Sunday. It was a Christmas caroling peaceful protest. Have you ever sung Christmas carols by candlelight at a time when your state governor has prohibited you from doing that? In America!,” Cameron said. Well, this is actually happening; you can’t make this up. People had such a great time; it lifted our spirits. Over 500 people gathered in our local community for this peaceful protest as part of the ‘Sing It Louder USA’ gatherings.”

In order to lend legitimacy (or possibly just remind us of the lunacy rampant on the west coast), Cameron is referring to his gathering as a “protest,” seeming to taunt anyone who dared to intervene with the peaceful gathering.

“And we’re having an encore protest this Sunday at The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, California,” Cameron told TMZ. “We want to double the size of our local gathering and sing Christmas songs, Christmas carols at the top of our voices. It is such an uplifting, inspiration, and encouraging time. We want you to join us.

“So please meet us this Sunday at 5 p.m. in Thousand Oaks, California at The Oaks mall. We’ll be in the south parking lot; we’ll have lyric sheets; we’ll have candles, we’re gonna have inspirational talks. It’s gonna be an incredible night. It’s part town hall meeting, part worship service. If you love God, if you love Christmas, and you love liberty, you’re not going to want to miss this. See you this Sunday at 5 p.m. at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks, California. God bless you.”

The publication went on to report that the Dec. 13 event did go off without a hitch. While the mall security called the police, the Thousand Oaks PD officers reportedly appeared, educated some of those present about masks, and left.

“No one was cited or arrested, despite Gov. Newsom’s lockdown measures,” TMZ reported.

Many actors and actresses hailing from Tinseltown have had their brushes with police, and most of that in the last few years has been reported by TMZ. It’s common for any person of notoriety to be widely reported on when they break the law, or they are challenged by law enforcement in some way.

However, to most of us, just one year ago it probably would have seemed like a far fetched dystopian story, made up by the very directors from Hollywood to think that in the year 2020 the kid from Growing Pains would be defying the governor and fearing for his own arrest for singing Christmas carols. Cameron, however, reminds us once again where our hope lies, and who we ultimately answer to.

Whether you prefer your nights silent, or your ears filled with joy; whether you’re into ugly sweaters or matching pajamas; if you celebrate with a raucous family, or your one favorite person, may the rest of your days this year be merry and bright and always filled with Christmas light.

Merry Christmas.