Clueless Biden Reacts Miserably to Trouble and Sends Unqualified People to Mess it Up Even More

Biden and immigration are like trying to mix together oil and water. They simply do not mix well. And so, it is with the loony president and the rest of his so-called elite administration. They have proved to the world that they do not have the slightest clue as to what they are doing with immigration issues. And so, enters the picture of the “border czar,” who is Roberta Jacobson.

Everyone would think that she would at least have some kind of experience in dealing with the crisis, but when Biden appointed people to his administration, the experience was not at the top of his list. He owed these wannabes a favor, so he gave them positions of power in his stolen kingdom.

And now that reality is setting in, Biden is in full panic mode when his mind is stable, and this “border czar” is proving to be a joke as she tries to say that there is no border crisis at all. Democrats love to deny the obvious. The truth could be staring them in the face, and they still would deny reality.

They denied reality when the video surfaced months ago of liberals pulling out suitcases of hidden Biden ballots just to give him an edge in the election. Andrew Cuomo is facing the truth of his past regarding sexually assault women, and he still denies it happened. And now a fake czar comes along and denies that there is an issue at the southern border.

It is evident that she has not visited the southern border since Biden invites half the world to move on up into the southern states. Jacobson tried to blame Donald Trump for the problems happening in the south. But that excuse has long left the station.

Jacobson is now caught in an attempt to lie and cover up the truth. The illegals are chanting Biden’s name and not Trump’s name. They are wearing t-shirts with his name clearly marked on them in bold letters. And somehow, all of this mess is Trump’s fault.

Cryptically she even stated that it just might be related to the “humane policy” that Biden is trying to pass as open borders. The demand to cross the border did not start until Biden started rolling back the regulations that protected the southern border for the past several years.

There is nothing humane about encouraging people to flock north and risking their lives. Jacobson even wants to try and send people nearly $4 billion to help them stay where they are currently located. She must think that the corrupt leaders are going to be willing to share that money with the people they abuse every day. She must have conveniently forgotten that Obama tried all of that, and it failed miserably.

Biden’s silly measures to do away with the Mexican agreement that Trump started just because it was based on Republican ideas was his first mistake. The second was to allow 1,400 people to cross the border with diseases intact. Biden makes a big fuss about COVID-19 in American and then lets thousands of infected people flood the southern states’ streets. And somehow, that is America’s fault.

Jacobson was asked about the influx of kids and if Biden was prepared to handle them all. The world saw that the answer was no. But she decided to say that “all of this is part of the plan.” It must be the plan to destroy America from the south to the north by opening borders and letting evil flow on into the country.

Jacobson is trying to be something that she is clearly not suited for. She tried to tell the people in Spanish that the border is still closed. But she somehow told them that it is wide open. These people will not listen to a fake any more than they would listen to a crazy president.

Biden and his ignorant staff just cannot get a single thing right with immigration. None of them are qualified to handle the border. Donald Trump worked with a vast team of experts to come up with a solution that worked. Biden tries to rule from a rocking chair with disastrous results.