Court Packing Idea Set to Go up in Flames as Republicans Mount Fight

The Democrats are on the path to seize as much power as possible before they are kicked out of power with their tail between their legs. The last area they have to destroy is the Supreme Court. The conservative-based court drives them crazy because they know that the court will strike down their packed socialist laws once they reach the bench.

Their sinful idea of packing the court is drawing a lot of criticism. Their attempt to push the court to the left started as Donald Trump successfully got several conservative justices placed in positions of power. The Democrats have forgotten why the court exists, and they seek to politicize it to their advantage.

Democrats may think that they can get away with doing what they want, but they find out that they will answer to people for their crimes. Republican attorneys are taking up the fight to keep them from changing the court system for their filthy gain.

Jerry Nadler and Ed Markey are the two critical pushers of the packing the court idea. Both of them are drunk with the idea as it consumes their every waking moment. They were on the steps of the Supreme Court when they announced their intentions before a hand-picked media crowd.

One attorney from Alabama is Steve Marshall, and he has pointed out that “This is an effort for the Democrats to try to add numbers to the Court to be able to validate the most liberal agenda that we’ve seen out of Congress in clearly my lifetime.”

Dave Yost from Ohio noted that the danger is their idea is that “We go from nine to 13. What do we do when the Republicans get it? We’ll go to 17? And we just keep going back and forth until the Supreme Court’s bigger than Congress? It’s an insane battle to start.”

There would be no end in sight as they would leave the door open for more justices to be added to an ever-growing number. The idea is so ridiculous that it would destroy the court system in a matter of a few decades.

Naughty Nadler wants to see four more judges added to the bench. He decided on that number because of his OCD tendencies. That number matches the number of U.S. circuit courts.

He stated, “Nine justices may have made sense in the nineteenth century when there were only nine circuits. … But the logic behind having only nine justices is much weaker today when there are 13 circuits. Thirteen justices for thirteen circuits is a sensible progression.” But there would be no end to his “progression” of adding judges. Next, he would want to enlarge the circuit court.

Nadler claims that the current number of judges is outdated and, for some reason, needs to be updated. The ripe old number of 13 just seems to fit his mind. He mentioned that logic dictates his thinking escapes everyone else. There is no logic behind what he is proposing other than his lust for power.

The Republicans have had enough of the power grab attempts. One way of fighting the attempt is to pass the Keep Nine amendment, which would keep the Democrats from pushing forward with packing the court.

Steve Marshall noted that “There is also a parallel effort, for a different purpose, to be able to look at this Keep Nine amendment to be able to establish within the Constitution itself that nine is the appropriate number moving forward so that we’re not continuing to deal with this question by Democrats year after year, but instead would put it as part of our Constitution.”

The issue with this approach is that there are not enough votes to pass such an amendment. They will have to wait until 2022 and hope to gain the votes to push such a law through.

People are tired of Biden’s orders, and the left’s selfish power grabs. Several lawsuits are coming that are going to put Biden out of a job. Without his mighty pen, he will not know what he should do with himself. Maybe he would have to go back to smelling women’s hair for a living.