COVID-19 Cases in the South are Declining While Cases in North are Spiking…Mums the Word from the Media

By Maridav
By Maridav

There are some interesting statistics on COVID-19 hospitalizations that the media seems to just be ignoring. States in the south have mostly decreasing hospitalizations, while the states in the north have mostly rising hospitalizations.

The media spent most of the summer lashing out at Govs. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) for the way they were mishandling the pandemic. And now the media is tight-lipped regarding the recent developments in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Jim Geraghty with the National Review took note of the trend on Thursday. He pointed out that just four states had double-digit percentage increases in the COVID-19 hospitalization rate. Michigan and New Hampshire both had a 25% increase in hospitalizations over the past two weeks, Minnesota had a 15% increase, and Colorado had a 14% increase. Five more states had single-digit increases: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

The southern states that took a beating over the summer are now showing a significant decrease in hospitalizations. Jim Geraghty said that in every other state except the ones listed above, the number of people in the hospitals went down. There were a couple of states that even saw a dramatic decrease.

“Tennessee saw hospitalizations decline 32 percent over the past two weeks, Georgia and Texas both saw 34 percent declines, Mississippi was at 35 percent, Alabama was at 36 percent, South Carolina was at 38 percent, Florida was at 39 percent, Louisiana was at 42 percent, and Hawaii enjoyed an astounding 48 percent drop in the number of people in the hospital with COVID-19,” Geraghty reported.

It seems the Delta variant wave passed through the southern parts of the country and now a large number of patients are leaving the hospital. Geraghty thinks that the spread of COVID-19 is at least somewhat driven by changes in behavior driven by temperature and weather.

“When it’s too hot or too cold, people spend more time indoors and are more likely to spread the virus; when the weather is nice, people spend more time outdoors, where they are less likely to get infected,” he noted.

There are been a scarce number of articles in the news on the rise in cases in the north. The media is ignoring recent developments, even though they pounced on DeSantis saying he was an anti-science nutjob. There were headlines in papers that included: “Ron DeSantis has no idea what he’s talking about” and “Ron DeSantis leans into mask-mandate fights as Covid cases soar in Florida.”

But there is not any political blame being given to Blue states in the north where there are spikes in both cases and hospitalizations. There are a few local news outlets in Michigan that are covering the increases, and they seem to side with Geraghty’s reporting.

WXYZ reported that while most of America was seeing increases in cases, Michigan’s cases were almost twice as high as much larger states like Florida and California.

The local news outlet asked why Michigan was different, and they concluded through experts that there were no easy answers. The latest surge of COVID-19 in the northern states was fueled by the delta variant, and Michigan remains one of just five states that have not yet stopped the rising cases.

Dr. Matthew Sims, of Beaumont Health, said that it was not unusual for Michigan COVID-19 cases to ebb and flow. He said the delta surge has seen cases climb slowly since the end of June, with the peak not as pronounced. The flow of the cases seems to be spread out over time and there are more cases overall involved. He noted that the reasons for these are not 100% clear.