COVID Narrative Shift Takes Flight Again As Nutty Doctor Blames the Virus for Everything

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r.classen /

The Omicron variant has helped the Democrats’ agenda of taking power away from the people and states. Many liberal leaders have already put in place their fossilized mandates and ordered people to stay home unless they have been vaccinated with nearly a dozen shots or more. The liberals need the virus to continue to make people do what they tell them to do.

The number of cases of the new variant is staggering. This version of the virus is highly contagious, but what is stabbing the Democrat’s attempts at takeover is that those getting sick are not sick for long because Omicron is a mild viral infection that most people do not even realize they have.

The mass media is constantly trying to scare people with numerical updates and hospital scenarios. But no one is buying into their lies this time around. The Democrats and their mafia-style supporters are out trying to make it seem that things are worse than they are. But the numbers of death and severity are less than half of where they were a year ago. But no one is telling that part of the narrative…

The Democrats have found that they must change the story to continue their sadistic lies and attacks. The new storyline that they are pushing has identified the new COVID-19 virus as a “long COVID” infection. Eric Feigl-Ding is the man out in public telling people that “long COVID” is going to be the death of all society. He maintains that people with COVID are suffering brain damage and will eventually lead to the death of society.

The lunacy of what he is proposing is beyond insanity. It highlights the poison that the liberals are willing to spread around to try and make a point that they are always right no matter what science is showing with its facts.

And in typical fashion, the new wording of the COVID pandemic leaves many people wondering what exactly is meant by “long COVID.” At first thought, people think it is just a description of how the Democrats keep prolonging the pandemic for their selfish abuse of people and freedom.

But liberals maintain that people who suffer from brain fog, lack of energy, and other everyday issues result from people having COVID-19 for an extended period. They had effectively branded that every issue that has been around long before the COVID-19 virus was ever created is caused by COVID-19.

These issues have been around for a very long time and are caused by so many other issues that it is virtually impossible to link them to COVID-19. The liberal doctors and politicians need to keep the general definition of their new term so vague that no one can understand their new narrative until they are ready to change it again.

The liberals have resorted to the reality that people tend to get sick and, then, tried to link it to COVID-19. The virus had never been a regular part of life until China released it two years ago. But the Democrats want everyone to believe that all of their sniffles and coughs are because of COVID-19.

This ploy of the Democratic Party to change the story again is not new. At the onset of the virus, they tried to brand every death as COVID-related. People die of all sorts of ailments. But to claim that a heart patient dies of COVID even though it was because the heart stopped is simply the same story that they are trying to push on people now.

The Democrats know that they have run out of options with the COVID-19 virus. But they continue to rehash and make up new lies to continue to perpetuate their cover story as long as they can. People are already seeing through their lies and will not stand by and let the Democrats destroy America.