COVID Police Apprehend Viral Spreader as Liberals Keep Pushing Lockdown Narrative

Trouble in paradise means being told by filthy Democrats that a traveler cannot step onto the Hawaiian Islands because they have not had a COVID-19 test before arriving. It also means a 10-day quarantine even after a negative test has been issued. Such is the life of all who desire to travel to the Pacific state. Hawaii officials are arresting people upon arrival for not following their COVID-19 pandemic procedures.

Kelsey Newcomer is a 36-year-old woman that was looking forward to spending time in paradise. As a resident of Oregon, she had been subject to some of the most confusing COVID laws in the country. But nothing prepared her for what was about to happen when she would come face to face with paradise COVID police.

Newcomer was arrested on-site as she came off of the plane. The COVID police of Maui stated in their pandemic report that “After arriving on a flight from Seattle, Kelsey Newcomer, 36, of Portland, did not have a negative pre-travel COVID-19 test from an approved facility and she did not have approved lodging where she could complete a mandatory 10-day travel quarantine, Maui police said.”

Newcomer must have been new to the rules because she was supposed to have booked a hotel room for 10-days upon arrival. But of course, the police knew that she did not have the reservation. Somehow the liberals knew that she was coming and were waiting to put her in handcuffs.

The paradise visitor was rushed away to the Wailuku police station, where she would be confronted with her options. She would later be told to leave the island and head back to Oregon. Newcomer was traveling alone when she arrived. But for some reason, she was never told that she had to jump through hoops like a circus animal before enjoying the beaches of Hawaii.

According to Democratic rules, “Travelers must have a negative test result prior to departing for Hawaii in order to bypass the quarantine. Hawaii authorities have been arresting people who violate the rules.”

The mass confusion that surrounds the pandemic restrictions is heavy in liberal states. The rules change daily, which makes it next to impossible to travel responsibly. But with hurting the tourism industry, Hawaiians are ready to put the past behind them.

The nastiness of the rules comes out when they are read aloud. They tell people that “Individuals fully vaccinated in the State of Hawaii may travel inter-county without pre-travel testing/quarantine starting the 15th day after the completion of their vaccination.”

They are willing to violate HIPPA law by mandating that people reveal if they have been vaccinated or not. They may change those rules at some point, but it is a thorn in their side for the present-day traveler.

Hawaii has a “vaccine passport” program that it will use for tourists to come to the state. This idea is in complete violation of HIPPA laws and infringes on a person’s right to refuse to reveal their current health status. And, of course, an out-of-state vaccination is not good enough for the power-hungry liberals. They are mandating that all acceptable vaccinations be done in the state of Hawaii.

One report granted permission to travel inter-island as it is stated that on “May 11, people who have received their vaccination in Hawai’i and have completed the required 14-day waiting period can travel between the Hawaiian Islands without taking a COVID-19 test or going into quarantine.”

The sting to the tourism industry is starting to hurt as Josh Green, the Lieutenant Governor, says that they are thinking of changing their rules for July 4. He maintains that the state wants to make sure people are safe.

Nearly 60 percent of the country is already vaccinated, and the rest have already had it. The virus is all but dead, but the Democrats will not admit to that part of the report because they want the power to tell people what to do and how to do it. The COVID police have invaded paradise, and now they are looking to throw people into jail for not adhering to the ever-changing rules.