COVID Report Exposes Disturbing Truth About Cuomo’s Pandemic Deception

Donald Trump continues to be the focal point of the mad media, and loony Democrats attempt to blame him for all of the past year’s trouble. They blame him for the virus and the lives that it took.

In a strange, twisted way, they believe that Trump released the virus with the hopes of killing every person in the world. They think that he politicized the virus with the intent of boosting his political position.

The Democrats blame him for the very things that they are presently doing with the virus. They are basing their illegal rules and regulations on the virus’s harmful effects. But now that the data has been collected and studied, it has been found that the virus is not as nasty as first thought. But it has not stopped them from harming people in the name of public safety.

New York attorney general Letitia James released a report that nailed Andrew Cuomo to the wall. His decision and now coverup of the way he purposefully infected healthy elderly people with the coronavirus is a dark spot in his life.

Incompetent Cuomo deliberately hid an order to take COVID-19 patients to nursing homes. They were to be kept there until they either died or got better. He fully knew that the elderly would contract the virus, and being high-risk would mean their untimely death.

Cuomo also mishandled the rollout of the vaccine. Instead of letting medical staff and others that help the sick get the vaccine first, he allowed drug addicts to get shot in the arm first. And the reason he let them get the shot first was to satisfy several critical supporters of his cause.

The report that James released stated that “data sampling from 62 nursing homes around the state and found that 1,914 of their residents had died from COVID, 56 percent more than the 1,229 the state reported.”

The report states that nearly 13,000 deaths took place in nursing homes because Cuomo decided to kill off the older generation. The current numbers published by the state is just over 8,000 deaths. The reason it is so low is that patients that died in hospitals were never counted. Cuomo pumped people out of the hospitals and into nursing homes just to keep his numbers low related to viral deaths.

Andrew Cuomo and his liberal buddies just refuse to be honest and transparent with the data. None of them could handle the grueling reality that the state had become a hub of infections, and they were going to see a lot of death. But Cuomo did not help them much when he refused to work with Donald Trump because of political reasons. He even refused at first to let the vaccine be distributed in the state.

The political games that Cuomo started playing are indicative of Democrats. None of them think through their decisions that they think are so great. They do not stop considering the people who will be hurt or could die because of the murderous decisions they try and make.

Cuomo’s order to kill people in nursing homes stated that “[n]o resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the nursing home solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. Nursing homes are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or re-admission.”

After the order was discovered, Cuomo killed it and tried to cover up the damage. James’ report shows that 13,000 people died in a few short months because of Cuomo’s political games.

His order was based on fear. He feared that the hospitals would be overwhelmed. He also feared that people would look down on him because of the virus and how it hit the state. So, he looked for ways to keep those numbers low. And nursing homes seemed like the best way to hide the death rate.

The worst part of the silent murder of the elderly is that the media failed to tell the truth of the deed that Cuomo was behind. The media relishes the way they hide the misdeeds of their liberal owners.