Covington Boys Were Set Up

Covington Boys Were Set Up
Covington Boys Were Set Up

Saturday, a video depicting a young man smirking at Omaha tribe member, Nathan Phillips, went viral. In the video, Nick Sandmann of Covington Catholic High School, stands smiling while the Native American elder beats his drum just inches from the teens face.
The Internet exploded in outrage. Cries of “disrespectful teens” were among the nicest of things that were said. After all, it appears that the teen is blocking Phillips’ way. Parents all over America declared they would take some significant steps if their child acted that way. And that was tame, compared to what followed once the world found out the elder was also a veteran.
But, is that one video really enough to socially try and convict a young man?
As it turns out, no, it’s not, but the damage has already been done.
Nick Sandmann countered the accusations with a statement including his account of what happened, more videos from various perspectives emerged, and it turns out, it’s nothing like the media and social media warriors were posting.


  • Nick Sandmann was waiting to board a bus with his peers. It seems that the teens were on a pro-life mission that day, attending the March for Life. The teens were not even at the Lincoln Memorial to protest, but were waiting on a bus.
  • Sandmann has been accused of approaching Phillips and barring his way. Yet an alternate video clearly shows the elder approaching the teens.
  • The Covington, Kentucky high school teens were also accused of shouting statements at Phillips and other protestors on the scene, but that’s not what can be heard in the videos. What can be heard is one Native American telling whites they don’t belong here and the “Hebrew Israelites” shouting negative remarks at the crowd.
  • The teens were chanting their school song and other forms of school spirit.
  • Phillips crosses the open space between the two groups and approaches the teens. During protests, police would normally step in and prevent opposing protestors from approaching each other in order to avoid the potential issues that can arise from such a move.
  • Sandmann expresses respect and appreciation for the elder in his statement following the viral video.
  • The teen also claims that he and his family have faced threats of death, professional harm and other forms of injury since the video was released.
  • Even the school was sucked into the outrage, making a public post that indicated the teens in question may face expulsion.
  • The teens did not approach anyone, or confront them in any way. In fact, they got on their bus when it arrived, as planned. Most of the teens did move out of Phillips’ way, and that still wasn’t enough. Just one stood and smiled. Was his smile cocky? It sure looked that way, but doesn’t that seem reasonable in the face of an adult who was being confrontational?
  • Don’t take our word for it though… or anyone’s. Watch the video below, which shows much more of the scene than the original.
  • The worst part of this entire escapade is that the Left was willing to put the life of a teen boy in jeopardy, and potentially destroy his future, all in the name of promoting their anti-Trump agenda.