Coward: Rudy Giuliani Fears for His Beloved City While Democrat Mayor de Blasio Goes Into Hiding

We all recall the character of Waldo in his red-striped sweater and hat. The trick was to find the pint-sized character hiding within a picture titled “Where’s Waldo?” He was a fictional cartoon character created for entertainment purposes, which is a far cry different from the real-life character of NYs braindead Mayor Bill de Blasio who has maintained a low profile during the riots which are ripping NYC to shreds.

Rudy Giuliani isn’t having the Mayors disappearing act and wants to know, “Where’s Bill?” And so does the rest of wartorn city.

Giuliani nailed it when he said none of this would have happened in NYC if de Blasio was even vaguely competent, and Rudy Giuliani knows his city and its inhabitants very well. He went as far as to call for de Blasio to step down. Giuliani said de Blasio, a Democrat, needs to get out of the way and activate the police department.

He believes additional lives are going to be lost if the cities present Mayor does not react soon with a show of intolerance for such destructive and all too often life-ending activity. “I haven’t seen de Blasio at the scene of any of these things. I would have been at the scene of every single one – and there would have only been one, and it would have been over.”

But de Blasio would rather hide and allow the violence to continue. Out of sight, out of mind. The man is certainly no leader. This is not what they do in times of crisis.

Giuliani, getting fired up by what he’s been seeing in his beloved city, shared these words, “We’ve watched now over and over again people looting, throwing Molotov cocktails, burning cars and now putting our police in hospitals and virtually no major arrests are made. The mayor should step down. He is incompetent … In other cities, they’re activating the National Guard. In New York City we have to activate the New York City Police Department.”

Giuliani took to the pages of Twitter to further express his frustration by firmly stating, “Gov. Cuomo should remove Mayor de Blasio. He is preventing the NYPD from taking the actions that have prevented riots in the past. Surely, you remember the Gigante report which helped me prevent riots under circumstances of long protests with many attempts to turn them violent.”

Defending the NYPD he spent so many years working alongside, Giuliani said, “They’re being used as punching bags, and then he (de Blasio) has the audacity to criticize them for being too brutal.” As a side note, the NYPD has always been revered by the cities millions of residents for their outstanding work at keeping them safe and it is considered an honor to be given the privilege of serving on the force.

But de Blasio is of a different mindset than Rudy Giuliani. His support for New York Cities finest is somewhat limited, and he is ignorant of their being the cities lifeblood. Can anyone possibly imagine the mayhem that would occur if these cops were not professionally and proudly on the job 24 hours a day looking out for the folks they are responsible for protecting? The city would turn to shambles. The way it’s turning now, thanks to the incompetency level of Mayor de Blasio.

“Who has seen these mayors at night?” Giuliani asked with reference to the weak leadership of Democrat Mayors throughout the country. “Do you think if I had riots like this I’d be home at night?

You could see me only in the morning at a safe press conference? Or do you think you see me there with the cops?” Giuliani has been known to do this in the past and there is little doubt he would gladly do it again.

But the longer NYCs complacent Mayor allows rioters, thugs, looters, and murderers to play in the streets of his city, the sooner he is going to witness its total destruction and the loss of more lives. Giuliani’s heart has to be melting.