Crenshaw Talks Freedom as He Urges Houston Not to Comply With Lockdown Rules

The Democrats may have cheated their way to power, but they are going to find out soon that there are always consequences for wrong actions. Democrats all over the country have used the COVID-19 pandemic as a means of controlling and forcing people to do what has become unconstitutional. The people are being forced to stay in their homes and not open their businesses because of forced lockdowns.

Many businesses and churches have taken their matters to court and emerged victoriously. But in Houston, the lockdowns are proving to be more of an issue for governmental leaders as they have spoken out in defense of people being allowed to get back to a normal way of life.

Representative Dan Crenshaw from Texas has yelled loud and clear that Houston businesses should not be complying with liberal mandated lockdowns. These orders are unconstitutional and in violation of the rights of all Americans.

Crenshaw is standing up for the American people. The coronavirus is being used to hijack freedoms, and he says it is time for it all to stop.

The Texas Department of State Health Services ordered all bars to close entirely and restaurants to reduce their seating capacity. Businesses are being told that they cannot engage in business with more than a set number of people. Proving to be another way the Democrats are ruining people’s lives.

Crenshaw’s rebuke was soon to follow the illegal order from city leaders. The cities hospitals only have 15 percent usage right now, which provides no basis for issuing such orders. The liberals do not follow set protocol and just love to mess with people.

The patriotic representative has stood in the gap and taken a stand against the tyranny that is sweeping through the country at the hands of the Democrats. He made it clear that all businesses should “absolutely not” comply with the orders.

He went on to point out that “Lockdowns are not supported by law, they are unconstitutional edicts. Law enforcement should not enforce this. Stop stealing people’s right to make a living.”

Liberals look for ways to hurt Americans. The pandemic gave them the opportunity to take away the right to work the American dream for themselves. The right to make a living without the interference of governmental powers is foundational to the United States’ existence.

The American patriot blasted city leaders with his words. The city claims that there are more cases per day than when the pandemic was in full swing. The fact that they are not going to the hospital just proves that people are getting over the cold on their own.

The fearful media continues to focus on the infection rate and never on the recovery rate. They promote that the darkest days are ahead. William McKeon is the Texas Medical Center CEO, and he loves to feed the fear that people have.

He believes that he is a prophet since he can say that the next few months “are shaping up to be our darkest days, given these record numbers. Hospitals lag behind in feeling the effects of increases in cases so expect the numbers to keep going in the wrong direction before things get better.”

This sad liberal medical doctor fails to see that things have already gotten a lot better. There is more known about the virus now than there was a year ago. President Trump has led the way to develop a vaccine. And there has been national attention to the way that health care is administered.

Another fearful doctor named Dr. Peter Hotez from Baylor University College of Medicine stated, “The numbers are going up. Everything is trending in the wrong direction – new cases, hospitalizations, and the positivity rate. Whether or not we can interrupt virus transmission, and restore our city or county to something that resembles normal depends on how quickly we can vaccinate our population.”

At least he noticed that there was a vaccine. But many of these doctors and liberals are foolish for ever thinking that they can control the spread of a virus. There are just some things that mankind cannot control. President Trump knew this, and it affects the way he handled the pandemic. All people can do is care for themselves and look out for the well-being of others.