Cuomo for AG? Biden Really Has Lost His Mind

It’s easy to see how Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a huge failure for New York. Many have said that he didn’t do enough to help New York City and the rest of the state during the height of the pandemic. His decision to place COVID-positive seniors back in their nursing homes is single-handedly responsible for killing thousands.

Yet, Cuomo may get a salary boost due to his failures of epic proportions if Joe Biden wins the presidential election.

The former VP has a list of candidates he is looking at to fill the role of the US Attorney General. While the shortlist is terrifying, Andrew Cuomo may be the most terrifying of them all.

Andrew Cuomo is qualified to be AG. He served as an assistant district attorney in New York City and eventually entered private law practice. He’s also held the position of governor since 2011.

It’s all very impressive – but he hasn’t done much for the state. Crime has increased. Taxes are more than any other state in the union. He has a history of bad governance – and making him the AG could lead to a number of problems for the country.

Joe Biden has always been fond of Cuomo, though. So, why wouldn’t he reward his friend with an incredible position in the White House?

Well, it shows that Biden hasn’t been paying attention. Perhaps he has missed some of the mistakes that the New York governor has made, especially throughout 2020. Biden hasn’t been making a lot of great decisions on his own – and choosing Cuomo when the whole country is using New York as an example of what not to do, it is another question as to whether Biden has the mental capacity to be the president.

Biden’s campaign is also looking at diversity. A white male as AG isn’t a great way to demonstrate that their Democratic president is woke. It’s why there are a few other names on Biden’s shortlist: Sally Yates and Stacey Abrams.

Andrew Cuomo is the one currently cracking down on religious gatherings – and particularly targeting the Jewish communities. He’s also pro-abortion, relentless on gun control, and wants to blame crime in New York on people not having enough food.

Sally Yates has already been given the opportunity to be AG when she was the former acting AG. She was fired after refusing to implement a travel ban put into place by Trump in 2017. She was also involved in the persecution of Michael Flynn and misrepresented the facts in an epic way.

Then, of course, there’s Stacey Abrams. She serves in the Georgia House of Representatives and also refused to accept the 2018 governor election results, pointing the finger at voter suppression. She is radically polarizing and would likely be obsessed with race if she were to become AG.

Imagine any of these people serving as the “people’s lawyer” for the United States. These are people who have only managed to serve a select few. They’re hung up on themselves and look out for number one – and have a history of doing so throughout their career.

The US Attorney General is not someone who is elected. They are appointed by the president. This means that it’s no longer just about voting in Joe Biden as president. It’s also a matter of looking at the long list of appointees that he’ll be responsible for making.

The whole “vote blue no matter who” is not an acceptable motto when it means that the “blue” could be anyone – even those who have made decisions to kill thousands of senior citizens during a pandemic. Even those who have tried to bully their way into positions they didn’t win. Even those who would use race as a way to turn the tables on every argument.

Biden is a danger to the freedoms found within the United States, and the AG that he chooses could remove even more of those freedoms.