Cuomo Isn’t Running for Governor, But Guess Who Is

lev radin /

Andrew Cuomo wasn’t the governor that New York needed. He didn’t help the state move forward, even though his autobiography made him sound like he was the best leader that the country has ever seen.

He chose to step down in the face of controversy. He walked away because he knew he had to. However, retirement hasn’t been too fun. He had his book deal pulled out from under him. And, he’s learned the hard truth that many people aren’t interested in his brand of politics.

No charges were actually filed against Cuomo. For all that he was accused of, he came out of it relatively unscathed. And as a result of that, there were whispers that he would actually run for governor once more.

There are five Democrats who are eager to fill the position – and possibly more based on who is submitting the paperwork necessary to get their names on the ballot in June.

At least there’s no Cuomo listed on the paperwork sitting in the office of the Board of Elections. That means that we can all let out a sigh of relief.

The current governor, Kathy Hochul, will be one of the candidates on the ballots. And she was the only one who didn’t need to submit a petition with at least 15,000 signatures since she received a whopping 85 percent of the vote during the Democratic Committee convention back in February.

Hochul hasn’t done much. She’s shown that she’s just as liberal as Cuomo.

There’s also Jumaane Williams, a New York City Public Advocate along with Tom Suozzi, a Long Island Representative. Each of them has submitted petitions with around 40,000 signatures, proving that they have some popularity that will help them within the primaries.

Another who has shown some promise is Paul Nichols, who finished third at the Democratic convention with two percent of the vote. Nichols identifies himself as an “average New Yorker” but has served in positions for the government as well as in churches.

Harry Wilson, a businessman in New York, submitted a petition with 36,000 signatures and a former executive with Westchester County, Rob Astorino, submitted his petition with around 20,000 signatures.

Other Democrats who have submitted paperwork include Agha Muhammad Saleh and Vladimy Joseph. The only problem with these two is that it’s unlikely that they have the number of signatures that will get them on the ballot.

At this point, it’s anyone’s race to win (or lose). It’s all about proving to Democrats across the state that they have what it takes. And as we all know, those with the most money will be able to stay in the race all the way through June. It will take a lot more than 15,000 signatures to win the race. It will require campaigning across the state for the next two months.

Popularity is everything – and Kathy Hochul is the most popular name that is likely to appear on the ballot simply because people have had a chance to get to know her since Cuomo’s resignation.

Now, we just have to wait to see what the people of New York will decide to do with their ballots. Will they vote for one of the Democrats? They could always write Cuomo’s name in, though that’d be a dumb move – and one that would surely inflate his ego to epic proportions.

Hey, with the red wave coming, maybe it won’t matter who wins the Democratic primaries. A Republican governor could be a great way to get New York turned around once and for all.