De Blasio is Housing Junkies and Sex-Offenders in NYC’s Finest Hotels…Enter the Guardian Angels

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, especially as of late, has become best known for his sympathetic liberal antics. He’s caved to the demands of Black Lives Matter, not wanting to risk stirring the pot of discourse, and he’s all for defunding the cities much-needed police force.

But perhaps his latest and greatest idiotic idea takes the cake. It wins the grand prize. Mayor de Blasio decided the best way to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in his neck of the woods would be to get rid of the homeless population. They’re spreading germs from the sidewalks and homeless shelters.

Rather than rounded them all up and busing them out of town though, de Blasio did something so far off of the rails, it even astounded the city residents who have grown accustomed to his Alfred E. Newman “what me worry” style of leadership.

Not wanting to make the cities massive amount of vagrants uncomfortable, he instead put them up in 100 of the city’s most expensive and luxurious hotels. Only the best for his bums and junkies will do.

Assuring only the best of accommodations for NYC sex offenders and pedophiles, de Blasio extended the same generous offer to them. If they’re going to commit these horrid acts, shouldn’t they and they’re victims at least be comfortable? Yeah. We said the same thing you’re probably saying.

The Guardian Angels, who for decades have lurked in the shadows taking it upon themselves to stop crime and clean up the city, aren’t having any of it. Twice, they have met with Upper West Side residents to discuss keeping their neighborhoods safe from the derelicts and molesters who have descended upon them.

Steven Banks, the commissioner of the Department of Homeless Services, made the following announcement which didn’t sit too well with the residents. “In order to defuse that ticking time bomb, we implemented a massive emergency relocation of human beings from those congregate shelters throughout the city, more than 10,000 in about eight weeks.”

Upper West Side residents set up a Facebook page where they shared photos of what is happening. People urinating in the streets, junkies laid out on sidewalks near the hotels, and the worst of the worst, men masturbating in public.

One member of the 1700 member Upper West Side Residents FB group, Dr, Megan Martin, said, “Our community is terrified, angry and frightened.”  How could they be anything less?

Here are a few of the sex offenders being housed for free. Luis Martin, 44, guilty of assaulting and raping a woman, Roland Butler, 62, convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl, Eddie Daniel, 59, who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old, Jonathan Evans, 29, convicted of sexual misconduct with a 6-year-old, and Michael Hughes, 55, convicted of having child pornography in his possession.

To make matters much worse, and this should concern everyone, the program will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but NYC is only absorbing 25% of the cost. The remainder of the bill will be paid with Federal tax money redirected from FEMA. In other words, de Blasio’s decision will cost every red-blooded American tax-paying citizen, and this includes you.

Curtis Sliwa, the founder, and CEO of the Guardian Angels. who is also running for NYC Mayor, has taken this matter very seriously and has stationed 60 of his all-volunteer force in the area. They’ll quickly and without hesitation swoop down on every infraction they see, and they will make certain the perpetrators receive justice, the Guardian Angel way.

Sara Lind, a local politician running for a city council position, ludicrously supports de Blasio’s decision. A writer for an Upper West Side blog stated the following. “Lind is encouraging people to show up at the hotels and welcome the residents with baked goods and sidewalk chalk on Sunday morning in a show of support for them being in the neighborhood.”

As far as anyone knows, the residents are not willing to act as a welcoming committee. One resident, when asked if she would be there, responded with, ‘No, and one has to wonder if those showing up to welcome the residents of the hotel are bringing their children with them.’”

We’re absolutely certain this is not the end of the story. With the residents up in arms and the Guardian Angels patrolling the streets, you can bet there is going to be plenty of action, and some of it will be physical.

If you were a resident of NYC’s Upper West Side, how would you react to this thug invasion, and what measures would you take?