De Blasio Issues a Double Standard for Cops vs. Criminals

New York City is playing with fire. Mayor Bill De Blasio thinks that he can treat the cops like crap and they’ll continue to keep his city safe. Now, he’s issued a double standard that has everyone wondering how this is okay.

The cops that have to shoot someone in the line of duty are being held to a completely different standard than the criminals off the street. Things like sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums are seen as unfair to criminals, but they’re perfectly okay for the cops that have worked hard to keep the city safe.

Everyone’s speaking out about the double standard, including Patrick Lynch, the president of the Police Benevolent Association.

There have been a number of proposals to deal with police officers – particularly those who may engage in misconduct and violate department policies. As the debate strengthens around the nation, NYC knew that they would need to step up and show that there would be new disciplinary guidelines. The problem is that they’re a bit out of touch with reality.

A disciplinary matrix has been published by the New York City Police Department. The punishment guidelines are similar to standards being used regarding the sentencing of convicted criminals. Officers who may have killed or hurt someone using “wrongful use of deadly physical force” could be fired.

However, the same would apply to an officer who fails to intervene when such force is used. A similar penalty is in place for engaging in hate speech, racial profiling, as well as intentionally making false statements.

Lynch has blasted the guidelines and has said that changes to the proposal will be “based on headlines and poll numbers.” He believes the matrix is not only unfair but also says that “apparently mandatory minimums and sentencing guidelines are unfair to criminals but perfectly fine for cops.”

Essentially, he wants to make sure that everything is dealt with on a case-by-case basis as opposed to establishing mandatory minimums and guidelines since the people are constantly crying that this is unfair to criminals. Hence, the double standard.

Lynch has also accused City Council that they are using the police discipline standards as a way to push their radical political goals at the same time as adopting astonishing police reforms.

De Blasio made a comment, showing more of his commitment to the Dem party and citing his allegiance with a former president, not the current one. He is explaining that the proposal is part of a pledge made to the Obama Foundation – to increase transparency and accountability. Well, it’s been almost four years since Obama was here and you’re just getting around to police reform? Clearly, it wasn’t a priority.

De Blasio also says, “We want it to be clear that when certain actions are taken, when certain mistakes are made, there will be accountability.”

Accountability is good. How about, also, holding the criminals accountable for everything that they do? No one is saying that there shouldn’t be accountability. However, until the city is also prepared to hold criminals accountable in the same manner, nothing is really going to change.

Many of the problems that the police have are with criminals who have committed the same crimes over and over again. These are the criminals that are being released without being charged. These are the criminals that are being released from jail after serving nominal time.

The various rules that are now being created are making it more and more difficult for the police to even touch a criminal. It is a misdemeanor if officers “sit, kneel, or stand on a suspect’s chest or back.”

The chokehold ban certainly made sense but making it so that officers can deal on the back of a suspect while placing them in handcuffs and make it difficult when there is a criminal fighting arrest. It’s leaving many officers to wonder what they are allowed to do, especially when too many criminals want to fight back instead of going into a squad car peacefully.

It’s all about the double standard, and De Blasio is clearly taking the side of the criminal.