De Blasio Scared of Playgrounds, But Floyd Riots Encourage Real Change

Mayor De Blasio of New York City simply hates New Yorkers. He has created mass panic with his push of false information over COVID-19. He wants people to believe that everything is still infested with the virus.

He has forgotten that the virus can only live so long on surfaces. He has taken it upon himself to segment what is acceptable for human touching to the point that items are now being isolated as dangerous or acceptable to start using again. The one object in question is the child’s playground.

De Blasio is showing a fear of reopening the city because he hates the fact that people are free to move around and get back to a normal way of living. He is looking for any excuse to limit what people do for fun and work.

His duplicity on the matter of the playground makes no sense at all given the fact that he is allowing mass protests to take place all over the city. These people are not abiding by social distancing laws and they are getting away with it.

But De Blasio wants to appear to be compassionate and protective as he keeps playgrounds closed from family use.

The lying mayor stated that “Out of an abundance of caution, the playgrounds just created too much of a risk to families, of the spread of the disease.” He is scared of playgrounds. It might be that he had a frightful childhood on playgrounds and he just does not want to relive the pain of the past. His rationale is just mind-blowing. He is allowing people to stand within inches of each other but will not allow little kids to have fun.

He went on to say about the protests that “I do think the moment that this city, this nation has gone through in the last two weeks or so is something very particular, very painful, very intense, very challenging. But also a moment where literally decades and centuries of the demand for change came forward, and real change is happening as a result.”

He is in full support of the dangerous doctrine that these groups pose. So he is content to let them rally and risk infecting the families he wants to protect from the dangerous playground monster.

He believes that violence and protests are going to enact serious change in America. Nothing ever happens that is good because of violence. These protestors are not demanding changes to America that are good.

They want a selfish environment free from law so they can riot and loot wherever they want. De Blasio has his blinders on if he believes that these protestors really care about him or anyone else.

The spread of the virus has all but disappeared. The social distancing was to flatten the curve so medical facilities would not be overrun with sick people. There will not be another outbreak of COVID-19 like there was before because most people have gotten over the virus.

The frightened mayor’s reasoning to keep playgrounds closed is right up there with his desire to keep churches closed. For him to maintain that churches and playgrounds stay closed while angry looters attack and kill people is simply beyond all normal reasoning.

De Blasio wrongly stated that “Four hundred years of American racism, I’m sorry, that is not the same question as the understandably aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person who wants to go back to services.”

The right to worship in America has been around a lot longer than the issue of slavery. It was one of the main reasons why Americans broke with England hundreds of years ago. It was not because of slavery. He needs to read his history books again.

De Blasio is a man that is scared of playgrounds and should be removed office for not being able to control his own family. He failed parenting led to his daughter, Chiara, being arrested because of unlawful assembly.

There is nothing that makes sense as to the mayor’s reasoning. He simply wants the power to control people. And that is not what America is all about.