DeBlasio Loses Control of NYC and Cuomo Blames NYPD

Democrats love to point the finger. They won’t take the blame for anything that they do, even when they see a problem that they accidentally escalated. NYC is on fire, literally, because of the riots. It has to do with waiting to take action, incredibly late curfews that did nothing to curb the night-time destruction, and two bumbling Democrats in charge of it all.

It’s safe to say that Mayor DeBlasio has completely lost control of New York City. There’s no order whatsoever, yet he’s still hesitant to call in the National Guard. To do so would be to listen to the recommendation of President Donald Trump. That simply won’t do.

Governor Cuomo swoops in to cover the fellow Democrat’s back. Rather than pointing the finger at DeBlasio and blaming him for his inefficiencies, they stand shoulder to shoulder and blame NYPD. The same NYPD has been working diligently to clean up the streets. The same NYPD that works tirelessly all year long to fix the problems created by Democratic policies.

DeBlasio is way over his head, and it’s becoming obvious to all. He has pleaded with the community and religious leaders across NYC to curb the destruction. Meanwhile, Cuomo is chastising the response of the NYPD.

After five full nights of demonstrations happening across NYC and the police being violently attacked, the curfew was lowered from 11 PM to 8 PM. Trump tweets to call up the National Guard. Cuomo calls for police presence and threatens to remove DeBlasio from office.

Yet, the problems still continue. Cuomo plays the blame game and doesn’t take any real action. He hasn’t removed DeBlasio and he hasn’t called up the National Guard. He continues to watch the city burn.

Cuomo has said that the police were “not effective” at doing their job.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea did not take the comments lightly. He isn’t accepting blame for all that’s happening. He said that there are a lot of politics in place, which is obvious from how things are going down. He thinks that Cuomo should be “ashamed of himself” for blaming the NYPD when the men and women of the department are putting their lives on the line every day.

Shea has actually chosen to defend DeBlasio while shaming Cuomo. Shea believes that DeBlasio has their backs. Much of the violence is coming from agitators from out of town. The problem is that there need to be fewer press conferences and more people taking action that are less than popular.

DeBlasio has been getting louder, desperate for community leads to come forward. He wants a call for peace. He wants the police officers to stop being attacked.

There are plenty of residents that are mad. They’re mad about George Floyd. They’re mad about the protests. They’re mad about the looters. This is what many are failing to realize. It’s not okay to protest and loot as a solution to what happened to Floyd. More wrongs don’t turn what happened into something positive.

It’s as if the world has forgotten that there’s a pandemic still going on. DeBlasio has been encouraging protesters to stay at home. The mayor has asked for help until he’s blue in the face. Then, Cuomo comes in as the stern father to point the blame at everyone, including a fellow Democrat, without taking on any of the real blame himself.

Cuomo has even come forward to say that the mayor is out of touch with the “gravity of the crisis.” If that’s the case, then why not use the power that you like to say that you have and remove DeBlasio from office? If you have the power to take care of the problem and you truly understand the scope of the problem, why not fix it?

Cuomo can’t fix the problem. He, like DeBlasio, has lost control of the situation. The only thing they can do is play the blame game because neither can control NYC at this point.