Democrat Shows Incompetence: He Forgets to Sign the Form to Put His Name on the Ballot

The level of incompetence that fills the Democratic Party is beyond explanation. Joe Biden has failed with every issue that has crossed his path. Every attempt to deal with issues has only made them worse.

Kamala Harris flies around on a private jet claiming to be dealing with the border issue but has yet to tour the most affected areas. Her first and only visit to the border was done because Donald Trump would get one up on her.

And then there is the rest of the federal-level Democrats. They all seek to do their things and have failed to unite to achieve anything for anyone. All they have done is amassed to themselves bonuses for being poisonous snakes.

One would think that state-level Democrats would know how to act better since they are closer to the people than those at the federal level. But along comes Terry McAuliffe, who has served in politics for a long time. He knows the game and how to play it well.

His lust for the highest office in Virginia has led him to a desire to sit in the governor’s mansion again. He has taken to the news and told of his desire, but when the time came to file the paperwork officially, he forgets to sign the papers that would have made him a candidate.

Reports have shown that he forgot to sign the “statement of candidacy” form. Failure to do the first step in running for the governor’s office is to spell one’s name on the form correctly. The Republican Party is filing a lawsuit that would keep him from returning and signing his name past the allotted time. He has missed his chance.

The other part of the report that makes things even more questionable is that there are two other signatures on the form attesting that he signed his name. They would have had to sign after he did. So, both of these alleged witnesses missed that the man’s name was missing from the form that they were supposed to have been looking over.

The complaint filed by the Republicans noted that “An elementary requirement in Virginia is that candidates nominated by a primary election must file a written Declaration of Candidacy—signed by the candidate and attested before a notary or two witnesses—with the Virginia State Board of Elections. …”

McAuliffe did not sign the form in front of two witnesses. He left it blank and left the room. So now the form is void since the time has passed for him to turn it in. But in good old Democratic fashion, the officials told of his candidacy before the paperwork was completed.

The complaint mentioned that “The Board’s decision to declare McAuliffe as the Democratic nominee for Governor was based on a Declaration of Candidacy (the “Declaration”) that was infected with misrepresentations, false statements, and was materially incomplete. …”

The Democrats are trying to cheat again even before the election gets started. But the Republicans are trying to get the courts to uphold election integrity and help the state avoid a repeat of past events that have damaged the integrity of state elections.

The Democrats continue to act recklessly with the processes in place to keep things honest and fair. Republican Party Chairman Rich Anderson noted that “For decades, Terry has used his political connections and proximity to power to avoid consequences for his reckless behavior and disregard for people and laws, but no amount of political favors and back-slapping can refute the fact that McAuliffe is a fraudulent candidate and cannot be Virginia’s next governor.”

A person’s character has to be considered before they can be fit for such a position. Democrats at all levels of politics are corrupt and are not fit to serve the people they have manipulated to vote for them.

McAuliffe is a prime example of the incompetence found in the liberal party. They fail to think through their actions and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. The right thing for him to do is admit his mistake, look forward to the next election cycle, and not forget to sign his name.