Democratic Judges are Releasing Killers onto the Streets

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When someone commits a crime, they’re supposed to be arrested. Then, we hope that the justice system does the right thing by making sure that the criminal does their time. What we don’t expect is for the criminals to land right back on the street so that they can commit more crimes.

This happens in a lot of liberal cities. They’ve been force-fed the Kool-Aid for so long that they believe that criminals are innocent. They were just victims of racial profiling. They didn’t mean to commit a crime; they were just misunderstood. They haven’t been given the same opportunities as those who are whiter or richer than they are.

And as a result, in many liberal cities, the Democratic judges and the Democratic district attorneys are releasing criminals back onto the streets.

Well, guess what? Releasing certain criminals, especially those guilty of murder, is not a way to make a community feel safe.

It’s happening in Harris County, Texas…and Houston’s FOX26 decided to release a report about the various claims. Approximately 150 people have been killed by suspects that Democratic judges have casually released on bond, essentially allowing murderers to roam the streets while they wait for their court dates.

Some of the suspects that were on bond were charged with capital murder. This is, by the way, the “most egregious offense in the criminal code.”

So, the question has to be: why are they being allowed out on bonds of any kind?

There has to be fear that someone charged with capital murder is going to commit another crime.

FOX26 reported that “no fewer than 113 defendants charged with capital murder have been inexplicably granted bond and released back onto our streets pending trial.”

KHOU-11 decided to dig back a little further, looking at capital murder charges that were filed all the way from September 2016 all the way to September 2021. Approximately 28 percent of the suspects were released on bond.

This is quite a disturbing find – and it’s certainly not going to help anyone in Harris County, Texas feel safe. After all, with known killers on the streets, how can you feel safe? The criminal justice system is broken.

It seems that there are all sorts of horrifying stories in the Houston papers as those who are out on bond commit murders. In September, a 71-year-old by the name of Martha Medina was killed outside of a northeast Houston McDonalds. She was robbed and, then, run over and killed. The person responsible? They were one of the many that were on a bond for capital murder already.

Now, just think…had the Democratic judge done his job and not allowed the killer to be released on bond, Medina and others would still be alive.

And the Houston police aren’t happy about this, either. They’ve already done their jobs. They’ve arrested the people only to have the liberal courts fail and release them back onto the streets. It means that the police have to re-arrest people and continue to go through a vicious cycle.

Larry Gibson, the Houston Police Sergeant, said, “It’s very concerning, it’s concerning for everybody involved…Guys out on capital murder bonds, they just don’t have the fear. So they’re like, ‘I’m out on this. If I get caught, well, I’m already on bond for murder, what do I have to lose?’”

Great, fearless murderers on the streets of Houston (and other liberal cities). And the Dems wonder why there’s a red wave coming for them…