Democratic Police Reform Leads to Police Handing in Resignation Letters

Democrats are demanding police reforms. Especially as the trial found Derek Chauvin guilty of the death of George Floyd, their efforts have been more heavily fueled than before. They’re allowing the mistakes of one to outweigh the good that is performed each and every day around the country.

Representative Kat Cammack, a Republican out of Florida, weighed in with her thoughts on “The Faulkner Focus” on Fox News.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act has already passed in the House, but it has stalled in the Senate. The problem, as Cammack points out, is that it restricts qualified immunity for officers. The bill, heavily supported by Democrats, dehumanizes members of law enforcement.

It’s not just the dehumanization that is a problem. Due to this, law enforcement officers are turning in their badges. Their retiring or resigning “in droves.”

Why? Why have law enforcement officers decided that they no longer want to serve and protect?

Based on the reform policies being passed by Democrats, law enforcement officers are no longer able to defend themselves. They can be brought up on charges of murder if they have to take down a criminal.

Democrats argue that the goal is for no one to be killed. However, that’s not realistic in many instances. If there’s a criminal who is resisting arrest and pulls a gun, the police officer is within their rights to shoot. Or, at least they have been within their rights until the Democrats have gotten involved.

The moment a police officer shoots and kills a criminal who is resisting arrest, it’s all over. It doesn’t matter how many warnings an officer provided. It doesn’t matter how violent the criminal is. The only thing that the Democrats want to look at is that a member of law enforcement killed someone before they had due process.

This is where dehumanization comes in. The Democrats are okay with law enforcement getting hurt or killed by criminals – but it’s not okay for criminals to get hurt or killed if they resist arrest. This double standard is not okay.

At this point, law enforcement is being told that if they want to continue to carry the badge, they have to be willing to put their lives on the line so that a criminal can walk free – and that’s just ridiculous.

Cammack points out that there’s a huge division in Congress and throughout the communities. Suddenly, there’s a notion of “Us versus Them” and that is not the case. She recommends stepping back and realizing that it’s a misnomer. “We have completely, with a broad brush dehumanized the people that are donning the badge, and that’s really one of the big problems that we’re seeing.”

Further, the bill will take a significant amount of lifesaving funds away from law enforcement departments around the country. Those funds will go to special-interest groups such as ACLU and NAACP. Why? Because the Democrats would rather appease Black Lives Matter and other rioters than focus on the needs of the country as a whole.

The Florida Representative is concerned – and for good reason. The bill is dangerous because it strips officers of their ability to serve and protect because they won’t have the equipment needed to protect themselves.

How can we possibly build our communities and make them stronger and safer without the police? The answer is simple: we cannot. Defunding the police is dangerous because it tells the community that the police are the problem. It invites more criminals to disrespect them.

Why are we protecting criminals? We should be providing lessons to everyone so that they know that they cannot resist arrest. They’ve already broken the law – and when they resist arrest, they make it harder for everyone – and law enforcement officers will be the ones who get hurt.

Cammack is urging her colleagues on Capitol Hill to invest instead of divest. If they fail to understand this, law enforcement agencies across the country will see a flurry of resignation letters.