Democrats Go Wild as Republicans Fix Virginia

The Virginian Democrats had once thought they ruled the world, and no one could ever unseat their power within the state. The state was blue, and no hint of purple or red could be seen. But the moment they crossed the line and tried to tell people that they could not take the masks off and parents had no right to teach their kids was the moment that they lost everything.

Republican voters came out in masses and told the Democrats what they thought about their socialist takeover attempt. And now the Republicans control the state, and things are looking great. The Democrats are now seething, and there is nothing they can do to stop the changes being brought by a party that wants to serve the people instead of itself.

Glenn Youngkin is the new governor putting forth tons of new executive orders and putting a stop to the power grabs done by the nasty Democrats. He kicked the Critical Race Theory to the trash and gave parents their rights back to be parents for their children. He banned the schools from making medical decisions for kids that their guardians should make.

Youngkin kicked the Democrats in the teeth when he started to live up to his promises. No liberal leader has kept their promises to the people. They got into power and left the voters behind. The Republican Party is the one group that stands with the people.

The liberals do not know what to do about the changes being made. Youngkin has set out to dig the heart out of the Democratic Party one executive order at a time. And every time he changes one of their socialist orders, the crowd cheers him on even more.

Louise Lucas is one liberal politician in the state who cannot keep quiet and work through the changes. Her mouth set out to terrorize the new governor. She started to comment on just how racist the new governor was now that he was changing things.

The liberals will always accuse people of racism when they do not get their way. It is an iconic way to get people to hate the other party. But to say a person is racist when they are far from it? Well, the Democrats love to play dirty.

RedState stated just how absurd the little witch was being. They reported that “Glenn Youngkin simply listed off a variety of industries that could partner with universities to offer internships and career advancement.”

Lucas saw this as a racist moment because she did not understand what the new governor talked about. Every Democrat loves to fly off the handle and make statements of things they do not understand.

And if one big mouth was not enough, the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party told Lucas that she needed to assault the new governor physically. These sadistic Democrats proved that the liberals resort to violence whenever they cannot get their way.

Had that been a Republican telling someone else to go and assault, the president would have been arrested and put in prison for inciting violence against a public official. But because it was a mindless Democrat, people are willing to look the other way since they are ignorant and crazy.

Every liberal nut job agrees with her, and the media will not even talk bad about her because they think she is right. The liberal Lucas would defend her claims and stand by what she stated against the new governor. And all of it is over a Republican who is willing to work for the people instead of doing things for themselves.

The Democrats are ticked off because they lost one of their strongholds. And it is only a matter of time before that excitement sweeps through the other states and more liberals are taken out of power and placed on the sidelines where they belong.