Democrats in a Panic After Republicans Flip Crucial Longtime DNC Held Legislative Seat Plus More Across the Nation

Democrats in Washington and around the nation are beginning their modified stationary panic as they face the possibility of a massive 2022 upset in the balance of power, shifting from the left to the right. Even with the possibility of election tampering, it would be difficult for there to be a justification of a win by Democrats considering the gathering of conservatives who are now sounding off one about what’s really happening at the polls.

According to a report in Town Hall, there has already been a change in the wind, including an Iowa legislative seat that has been Democratic for decades. This summer Republicans won back the seat in a wealthy suburban, formerly GOP-hostile, area of Connecticut. According to reports, they picked up the district after they were warmed up by Trump’s last two campaigns and changed decades liberal hold on the area:

“This district went (62/38) blue in 2012. Then (51/38) in 2016. It shifted back to deeper blue territory in the Democratic wave year of 2018, only to become a three-point squeaker in 2020,” Town Hall’s Guy Benson said in his report. “In yesterday’s special, the Republican won by a 20-point margin.”

This win is significant because there has been deep concern about the trajectory of the nation, as well as questions about whether a majority could even take hold of offices and the nation if they were so inclined. However, 2021 has seen a good start, including several other high-profile positions that have turned from blue to red.

Another noted by Benson is the retreat of at least one powerful committee chairman in the House of Representatives as Democrats cope with infighting and the push of DNC leadership to do as much as possible before Republicans possibly take over after the midterm elections.

Crisis’ such as the economy’s massive woes, the horrific treatment of Americans stranded in Afghanistan have caused Americans to lose faith in Democrats, and without the moral high ground, trust of their constituents or anything to gain without the majority behind them, there are a number of representatives that seem to be looking to “get while the gettin’s good,” as they say in the backwoods.

So what might this mean for the Democratic Party in the long run? Well, it hopefully means that good-hearted voters who were taken in by the rhetoric of the party will have a chance to see what the politicians at the top of the DNC food chain are made of. Maybe they will be able to pull back the veil and see what’s being done with their supposed seal of approval. It could also mean that the DNC will have to back off of some of its more aggressive pushes. But it’s possible that the opposite will occur and they’ll just decide they have enough of a chokehold on American politics and revenue and go ahead and accelerate whatever the plan for maximum dividend (aka, how to milk the taxpayer for whatever money and power they have chosen to pursue).

And if we, as the voting people of America, believe what we’ve been told, that the people who believe in common sense values and believe that offering a helping hand without hope of gain is something to be cherished, not requisitioned and transitioned into a government program, are in the minority, then this is it for us. Kiss your freedoms goodbye.

But if you believe that Republicans should have one some of the last elections they lost, because real live conservatives that care about how to keep the country free and the morality intact then there well might be hope. Because in the case of this majority, it’s primarily working adults, 70 million is a lot of hard-working people.