Democrats Putting Pressure on Biden To Allow All Sick Illegals Into the Country

tuulijumala /

Donald Trump was a president who had a vision for the United States. He saw a place where people could live free and prosper without worrying about outside or internal interference. When the pandemic first arrived on the shores of America, he put in place Title 42, which made it illegal for any migrant to enter that was sick with COVID-19. He protected people from the virus more than Joe Biden has ever done.

The Democrats want Biden to remove Title 42 so more people can come to the border and demand to be let in. The liberals quickly claim that the rule is being used to keep illegals out. But in the end, the liberals want it removed because it was a Republican that put Title 42 in place.

The part that the Democrats do not want people to know about is that Biden has been ignoring the rule. His open border policies have let people into the country for over a year, whether they were sick or not.

Biden forced Americans to vaccinate and wear masks while at the same time he let illegals into the country without making them wear a mask or get vaccinated. He allowed them to board the Biden Express, and off they went into the country’s interior.

The issue surrounding Title 42 is not over health reasons or based on the facts. It has become more of a political matter because it is another thing that the Democrats can do to try to earn back the votes they have lost due to their socialist agenda. They need a few wins because they are no longer trustworthy to many Americans.

There is no doubt that Joe Biden intends on overwhelming the immigration system so it collapses under the volume of people. That would enable him to let people walk right into the country.

Theresa Cardinal Brown is the managing director of immigration and cross-border policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. She noted that “Right now Title 42 is the only policy they have to manage the volume of arrivals at the border. If [it] were to come down suddenly, they would be required to take into custody everybody they encounter and process their asylum claims. They would have a big logistical problem on their hands.”

The Democrats are hoping that the Center for Disease Control resends the rule. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated, “We last reassessed Title 42 at the end of January. As you recall, that was just around or right after the peak of our Omicron surge and we had hospital capacity challenges really across the country. We are currently reviewing the data and evaluating it.”

Liberals not only hate the rule because it was implemented by a Republican but also because it is being used to control the flow of migrants, as was pointed out by Brown. They try to make a case that it keeps out people who legitimately need access to America for asylum reasons. But that argument was not even an option when Donald Trump was president because all the liberals wanted to do was fight Trump at every chance they could.

Title 42 was put in place to protect people from others coming to the border who were infected. This viral count is dropping in America, but infected people are still trying to make their way into the country.

The Democrats want to make Title 42 a significant issue because they need the drama to attract voters to their side. The midterm election is bringing out the worst among the Democrats. They are scared to death and are in full panic mode, trying to salvage their campaigns before the election date arrives.

Title 42 gives them another opportunity to try to gain favor with voters. But Joe Biden has done a great job of sabotaging many liberals’ hopes at reelection. He keeps on punishing the American people for being born in a country where freedom is abundant, and prosperity is a guarantee.