Demonic Democrats Want Taxpayers to Fund Abortions

The Democrats cannot seem to stop trying to screw over the American people. Their latest desire is to force taxpayers to fork over their hard-earned money to help fund abortions. The only way they can such a deed is done by changing current laws. They know their time is short because the Supreme Court can rule against them at any time. But for now, they want to take the steps necessary to get them into a position for killing unborn children.

The liberals know that they must take one subtle step at a time. No one is going to get on board with a plan that races to the end. But if they can cram their murderous agenda into large bills, then the desire to fund abortions will get lost in all the pages.

One of the subcommittees opened the door for the steps to be taken. They approved spending legislation that will help the Democrats get to where they want to be. None of the bipartisan work with the Hyde Amendment or even the Weldon Amendment has been considered. They just approved their one-sided spending measure to get what they want out of the taxpayers.

Every abortion love thug hates the Hyde Amendment. Then they do not like the fact that Henry Hyde got a bill passed decades ago that bans the federal government from using taxpayer money for abortions. This decision by the subcommittee to approve the use of funds violates the Hyde Amendment.

Henry Hyde left a power grab out of his bill because states are allowed to fund abortions as they see fit. But many states have opted not to fund abortions with their tax money. But liberals have fought for the money because they need to keeping killing unborn children to keep their conscience seared to the idea of murder.

The Weldon Amendment is just the extension of the Hyde Amendment. It states that “[n]one of the funds made available in this Act…may be made available to a Federal agency or program, or to a state or local government, if such agency, program, or government subjects any institutional or individual health care entity to discrimination on the basis that the health care entity does not provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions.”

Democrats hate both Amendments. Republicans want to cement both into law, so the Democrats cannot touch or modify them without extreme effort.

The media has gone out of its way to vilify conservatives on abortion by claiming it is inhumane to make the woman suffer from something she does not want. They also try and report that the nation is divided over the issue of abortion. They claim that there is even division with people that think when an abortion can happen.

But the vast majority of people do not support abortion. Most of them believe a baby has every right to live just like every other person. And there is nothing that a Democrat can do to change the truth that every baby conceived will grow into a human.

The Appropriations Committee Chairwoman is none other than the murderous Rosa DeLauro. She stated that “repealing the Hyde amendment is the best thing we can do to support our mothers and families” and “help prevent, rather than penalize unwanted pregnancies and later, riskier and more costly abortions.”

She would not help support families with killing one of the kids. No abortion is justifiable because it takes a human life.

Ashley Hinson is a hero as she stands against DeLauro by saying, “I rise today in support of the women who need encouragement to choose life not coercion to end it. I rise today in support of the American taxpayer who does not want to pay for elective abortions with their hard-earned money.”

The federal government would have a much better future if it would fund adoptions and help these kids find loving homes. But when a liberal fails to value life, they can do anything to murder an inconvenience. Abortions happen because the parents decide that the baby would get in the way of their lives. So, they kill the child and rationalize it by calling it an abortion.