Dems’ New Normal! Trump Supporter Killed in Denver (Video)

Downtown Denver experienced a horrific tragedy over the weekend. Local supporters of the police and the president decided that they were going to have a Patriot Rally, which should have gone off without a hitch. Once the Antifa members and Black Lives Matter supporters caught wind of it, it was all she wrote.

They decided that they were going to stop by to “drown out the hate”. The Denver Police Department was miraculously able to keep things under control for the most part.

As soon as the rally started to come to an end, that is when things got out of hand. At this time, gunshots were heard and one of the Patriot Rally attendees was found dead.

At first, there was a dispute over the identity of the shooter and what their motives were. After a brief investigation by the police, it was determined that the shooter was not a member of either group.

A private security guard has been placed in custody. The victim is said to have sprayed mace at another rally attendee, who then opened fire.

A photo that was captured by a photographer from the Denver Post depicts the shooter, as they are being sprayed by the substance in question. The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time. It is believed that the man who was seen with the gun is actually a private security guard from Pinkerton.

He is said to have been on hand to protect local television reports during the rally. The man was dressed in a manner that was designed to disguise his profession, as he was wearing a T-shirt and cargo pants.

How do we know all of this? The Associated Press was able to capture a photo of the conflict moments before the shots were fired.

The Patriot Rally participant can be seen defending themselves from the gunman. They emptied the can of mace in the general direction, in hopes of saving themselves.

The media members that were being protected by this security guard were not shown in the photo. No one seems to have any idea as to how this conflict even had a chance to begin either.

Video has started to emerge, painting a very dire picture. The shooting victim was in the middle of a loud and angry dispute moments before the shots were fired. The shooter is believed to be a Black Lives Matter supporter.

Take a closer look at the clip, if you would like to see for yourself. The Trump supporter tries their best to diffuse the situation, as they are seen walking out of frame.

In less than ten seconds, shots are fired and the Trump supporter falls to the ground. Theories are going around online as to what the reasons were for the shooting. There are some who have called the shooter a known leftist.

The police could have been lying about the purpose of him being at the rally. You can take a closer look at the Twitter thread that was posted about the matter if you would like to learn more.

We’re not going to lie to you, this one seems like a bit of a stretch. Our main takeaway is a simple one: news stations should not have to hire private security, just to keep their reporters safe.

The man that they hired clearly wasn’t very good at his job but we digress. Who did the news station feel that they needed to protect their reporters from?

It is clear to see who is causing all of this terror. The Patriot Rally should have provided Trump supporters with the chance to let their voices be heard.

Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter supporters and Antifa members would not allow the event to be peaceful. We hope to receive more answers as the Denver authorities continue to investigate the situation and we will be passing them along as soon as possible.