Dems’ Push to Delay Vaccine Until After Elections at All Cost, Even More Dead Americans

If you thought that Trump’s tweets were grade-A trolling before, wait until you see what he is going to say about this one. All of his rants about the “deep state” are going to look like child’s play by the time it’s all said and done. The FDA is doing everything in its power to address their image problem and the current administration finds themselves at a turning point.

Trump is partly responsible for the issues that they are going through but the FDA has created its own problems, too. After they decided to approve hydroxychloroquine for emergency use, the authorization was rescinded almost immediately. Clinical trials showed that the medication was not that effective, despite all of the president’s enthusiasm.

The same trajectory took place when plasma was discussed. The president seemed very enthused, the FDA played along and things went left soon after. A Mayo Clinic study even showed that plasma treatments could be effective. However, there were no clinical trials being performed and everyone remained in the dark.

If there are no clinical trials being conducted, how can any of these treatments remain effective against COVID-19? FDA chief Stephen Hahn only exacerbated the issue when he decided to take the stage with President Trump. The presser was a disaster. The effectiveness of plasma treatments was wildly overstated by all parties involved.

While all of this was going on, the White House was locked in a battle with the CDC. The Trump administration has been putting a lot of pressure on the CDC, trying their best to make sure that all COVID-19 information is reported with their interests in mind. The federal government’s science wing has never been more important but Trump seems determined to shake the public’s faith in it.

The CDC and FDA have played right into Trump’s hands. Whether they are actively working alongside the president to sow distrust or they are merely incompetent, there is no reason for this sort of nonsense to be taking place. Now, there is new evidence that the CDC is unable to handle its most basic of duties.

Do people probably think that Trump was responsible for this latest problem but in reality? “No White House interference. We shot our own foot,” said one of the scientists. Meanwhile, the CDC looks like a bunch of stooges because the rest of the scientific community seems to be in agreement about COVID-19 being an airborne virus.

Trump is currently bragging about the imminent vaccine that he is so sure will arrive in time to boost his re-election chances. The FDA is now standing on the precipice of its biggest decision in some time. They are the ones who are going to be forced to decide whether a COVID-19 vaccine is fit for emergency use.

That’s why they are taking extreme measures to boost public confidence. The FDA knows that there are a lot of people who are worried about a rushed vaccine. Trump is on the news every day, stoking the flames of this fire. He wants the vaccine yesterday but this is not a wise thing to be saying publicly. They are going to make it tough for him to have a vaccine to showcase to the American public by Election Day.

It won’t be long before Trump is accusing the agency of working with the Democrats to tank his chances for re-election. That’s probably the information that was leaked to the public before it was shared with the public. Otherwise, the White House might have tried to suppress the story until Trump was given his way.

Regardless of where you land on this one, there is one fact that we cannot neglect. The American people need reassurance and they need it quickly. Americans need to know that any vaccine they receive will be safe and trustworthy. We’re in uncertain times and we hope that the proper vaccine is provided in a timely manner.