Dems Scratch Their Heads as Trump Campaign Reaches Black Voters

The Trump campaign is one of the most significant and most strategic campaigns in history.  There is more money invested, more money donated, and more money spent than any other candidate in history.  The Trump campaign is pulling out all the stops to get the president reelected in 2020.  Black communities in the Fort-Lauderdale, Florida area are in shock as they opened up their newspapers.

The Westside Gazette is known as “Broward County’s oldest and largest African American owned-and-operated newspaper.”  For over fifty years, the newspaper catered to Democratic articles for the Democrat-dominated area.  When the readers saw a full-page ad paid for by President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, they could not believe their eyes.

The ad was paid for by the campaign and accepted by the Westside Gazette, so it had to be published.  Everyone who saw the ad wondered, “Why would he even bother?”  Bobby Henry, the publisher of the newspaper and chief executive offer, stated, “I thought it was quite abnormal.”

A reader went looking for Henry at the church he attended and questioned him about the ad.  The reader commented, “For [Trump] to reach out to the broader African American community is what surprised me.”

The Trump campaign is currently spending $1 million and will spend more just on reaching out to black voters across the nation.  A person within the campaign is taking the knowledge and putting it into strategic ads in diverse places to stifle “Black Voices” in a good way, and it is working.

Black voters who predominately vote Democrat are shocked.  No Republican candidate has ever reached out to them like President Trump.  Since last month, according to Politico, the campaign has reached out to “so far has included ads in black-run newspapers and on radio stations, volunteer training seminars, and a kickoff event hosted by Trump in Atlanta last month.”

So what is it that is catching the black communities’ attention so much to make such a big deal?  The Trump ads speak the truth about the proven lowered unemployment rates among blacks.  There is a catchy tune!  The ads also talk about the president’s support for historically black universities and colleges, and the criminal reform laws which were backed up by the White House and was passed earlier this year.

President Trump is touching all the topics of primary interest in the black communities and is proving his victories throughout his first term.  He is showing them, he cares for them too and is proving it to them by bypassing the poison fed to the world by the media.

American citizens who live in the battleground states have received campaign phone calls that encourage voters to text “Woke” to a phone number in the campaign.  These phone calls are targeted for major cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.  The response has been a positive one.

In the 2016 elections, President Trump received eight percent of the African American votes.  Those who work closest to him in the campaign told him he will never win more than a small margin of black voters’ support.  The aides within the campaign argue that is not the point.

They stated if Trump can slip into the double digits in the lower teens, the Democratic margin would fail, and Trump would win the swing states and would wipe away any chances of a close election.  Trump would surely win in a landslide victory.

Florida is a test run for this strategy, and it is proving positive results.  It is getting the people talking and will raise questions on what the truth really is.  Paris Dennard, who is a Republican strategist, stated, “It’s not about whether or not he can change enough minds to get him to 98 percent of the black vote.  You can move the needle ever so slightly in certain cities and certain counties.”  Dennard added, “It is historic because this just doesn’t happen that Trump is courting African Americans far more aggressively than previous Republican presidential candidates did.”

Democrats are dismissing Trump’s efforts because they say Joe Biden is leading President Trump in the black communities 87 to 7 percent.  They failed to realize now the process is working in Trump’s favor, and they will get another rude awakening at the polls for being naive and blind to the fact Trump will win by a large margin if he continues doing what he is doing.  We can offer Democrats boxes of tissue for their tears because it’s coming.